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Italian semi-legends ARCADELT made their return in 2009, after twelve years of absence… Their CD ‘Enjoypan’ is a mix of old material and one new song. All compositions have a resemblance to early Marillion (the period from ‘Script’… to ‘Clutching At Straws’). :cool:This influence can be noticeable in structure of compositions and type of singing. From confident opener ‘Flight On A Marzipan Throne’ to the closer track ‘The Ballad Of Friendship’ Arcadelt stays in neo-prog rock territory. The standard of musicianship is high throughout. Pierfrancesco Drago sings similar to Fish / Martin Wilson (GLD). Some wonderful arpeggiated guitar (Fabrizio Verzaschi) is played over a foundation of tasty bass (Fabio Cifani). The keyboardist (Giacomo Vitullo) succeeds to perform a Mark Kelly-like style…I think this release bodes well for the future.

Of course, I look forward to tuning in to hear what Arcadelt can offer in the future.



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hi Head, i m glad to tell iu some news about this band. they've released some track, you can listen on they'r website :)

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My first exposure to Italian band ARCADELT was their CD 'Enjoypan' (2009), after which I've been waiting to hear its successor for a quite long time. In May 2019, the lineup of quintet is still comprised of Pierfrancesco Drago (lead vocals), Fabrizio Verzaschi (guitars), Giacomo Vitullo (key department), Fabio Cifani (bass) and Sandro Piras (drums). How their new release sounds alike? Stylistically, 'Arc8' maintains firmly in the melodic neoprog-rock camp, but with a healthy dose of moodiness. The music is full of keyboard flourishes supplemented by miraculous guitar work alongside the bass courtesy and nimbleness of drums; the peculiar vocal contributions swirl in the rich orchestration. This continues throughout the entire album. The quality of seven compositions, arrangements and performances features the excellent production that will strike the listener from the first play. I want to start by saying that 'Behind The Curtain' together with 'The Heartbeat' may be described as a homage to Fish-era Marillion. Helping to add a sense of variety to the music, the intense piece 'Dogs In Chains' demonstrates the edgy singing, fiery guitar excursions and tight rhythmic backbone. Either way, going through some ups and downs, this song fits well within the cohesive whole. Then, Arcadelt have succeeded with the forth track. Entertaining 'Caledonia (The Inn Of Happiness)' provides somewhat theatrical slant. To convey special kind of feeling, a lovely ballad 'Assenze' is colored by gentle piano and heartfelt vocal performance on native Italian tongue. The penultimate, dramatically sounding 'Blood On' is another throwback to the early 80's, with 'Script For A Jester's Tear' / 'Misplaced Childhood' vibe as the principal reference point. And finally, 'The Blue Side' which also has a typical Marillion signature. All in all, it's difficult not to get pulled into the enigmatic musical alchemy that floods with a plenty of hypnotic ingredients. There's so much feeling here that CD 'Arc8' should become a truly emotional experience. Check it out.