Area 51 gone and back...

Hawk Henries

New member
Hi There Regulators,

I have not visited too often lately as I have been traveling. Imagine how upsetting it was to return and see that the "Area 51" forum was gone :eek::confused::cry:

OK I never really looked at that forum much and I am not really upset :smirk: just wondering what happened?

Ok this is weird: I opened another browser page and brought up MIMF and lo and behold there is "Area 51" :eek::crazy::eek:!!! Could it be aliens :eek: !


Staff member
Hi Hawk,

Area 51 is a "hidden" forum, visible only to registered forum members and only when logged in to the forum itself.

Yours is the first instance where it has played peek-a-boo while, I'm assuming, you were logged in. I'll mention it to Frederik at our next staff meeting.

Corno Dolce

Admiral Honkenwheezenpooferspieler
Uh-Oh, the *Ale-e-ins* are back in the news:rolleyes::shake::banghead:...Man, this is cerebral candy for me :grin::grin::grin:

That must mean that *Baghdad on the Potomac* has shut down and the three PC networks are desperate to report on something that will titillate...Oh well, Bread and Circus...