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Art Rock

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As some of you know I have been running a blog on art (visual arts, photography, music, architecture) since over 2 years. This year I really suffered from blogging blues and the blog was nearly dead. So I decided to purge the whole content and start afresh. Result: a wave of inspiration and 90 topics within a month.

Art for art's sake.


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Congrats, Art, on the new inspirational start. A very unique and interesting site to peruse. Very nice, indeed.


Hi Art :)

Looks excellent. :up:

I'll be checking it out more thoroughly when I have the time.

Just on first glance, a couple of comments.

I read Daniel J. Levitin's book This Is Your Brain On Music, and it mentions (if I recall correctly) that both hemispheres of the brain are active when listening to (and playing) music. But I think I still get your point. :grin:

I think Audrey Hepburn's awesome! :clap: Nice hommage. Or is it a tribute? Anyway, well done to both of you.


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Thanks Art Rock. I've bookmarked your site and will be sure to explore thoroughly as it looks very, very interesting.


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Hi Art Rock, just had a glimpse of your blog. nice pics. i've been trapped by "iimaginary friend"! i saw aclosed eye at once, and of course, i didn't see that there was only one feather... but reality is something hard to grasp!


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by the way, do you speak chinese? i have started learning, and i'd take any advice or useful tip, if you like of course.

lata alligata!