Atomic Rooster


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This band is awesome!

Check out the awesome guitar playing starting at 4:17 that runs for about seven minutes[/U][/B]:

John Watt

Hard Stuff is new to me, even if a friend and I were thinking of starting a new domain,
for dating, looking for single women, called Hard Already.
Atomic Rooster was one of those bands that wasn't big on the pop charts,
but a lot of rock musicians had their albums, very influential.
Yes, this is free old man talk,
but having a Strat and using Marshalls was a big part of sounding the best.
Uriah Heep, the original Fleetwood Mac, Camel, lots of unsung guitar based bands.
I was thinking of that four piece band that made Peter Frampton,
but I can't think of their name.
Here in Ontario, "A Foot in Coldwater" was one of the first Strat and Marshall bands,
an offshoot of "Nucleus", a house band put together by a Toronto bar owner.
They have a hot domain. I'll look it up and be back.
"Make me Do, (Anything You Want)", a slow song, was their biggest hit.
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If you like Strats and Marshalls, get some Groundhogs, and maybe some Wishbone Ash (Pilgrimage).

Atomic Rooster was on a lower level than Hard Stuff, because John Gustafson was such a good singer, writer, and bassist.