Availability of Kosmos score


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I know I'm only new here in terms of activity as a member (yet even though I've been a member for a little while), but I'm wondering if there is a score available for Kosmos by Magle. I can't seem to find it/one anywhere (if it is available on this site...).

Thanks in advance!

Frederik Magle

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Hello hrjansen,

I intend to publish the score for »Kosmos«, as well as many other scores (»Sunset«, and others to be announced) right here on magle.dk.

It will work this way: On a sheet music and scores page you will find buttons for each work that you can order through paypal (there will also be a bank transfer option for those who cannot, or prefer not to use paypal, but it will be somewhat slower). When the order is complete you will then be sent the score as a pdf-file directly to your email within 48 hours. (exact details to be determined).

The prices will vary from work to work, but will be very reasonable. I will have this ready hopefully within a few weeks, so check back here again soon :)

Best regards,