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The reason for these guidelines is to keep this community an open and friendly place where people from all over the world can get together and discuss different matters, and do so in a relaxed but also safe and respectful atmosphere. Another - and also important - reason is to keep the forum from getting cluttered and confusing - the "guidelines for starting threads and making replies" will help ensure that things remain easy to navigate, not least for new members and visitors. Please don't feel intimidated by these guidelines, you won't get banned if you accidentally break one of them
but do try to follow them as much as possible, thanks.

(In addition to the guidelines below, please read also these notes regarding promoting and linking to other websites when posting. For guidelines and rules regarding upload of "attachments" (file hosting), please go to this thread)

General Behavior:

• If in doubt (or generally if you need help with anything on this board) you can always send a PM (private message) or email to the administrator or a regulator

• Be polite to you fellow posters. If you disagree with them, please state your opinion in a "civil" and respectful maner.

• Don't post comments about other users personality and/or "posting style" on the forum (unless said comments are unmistakably positive). Argue opinions all you like but don't get personal and never resort to "ad homs"

• If you have any complaints and/or comments about other users or regulators, contact the Administrator directly (PM or email) instead of posting on the board.

Guidelines for starting a new thread and making replies:

• Please don't make redundant "cross-posts" in different categories. (For example posts with similar - or close to similar - content posted several times in different parts of the forum)

• Do not make several posts in a row in the same thread if it can be avoided. If you have made a post and wish to add additional info / follow up - and others have not yet replied - if possible edit the post instead of making a new reply. (you can edit posts up to 2 hours after posting). Please note that this guideline is in part made to avoid inflation of the title system, thus repeated abuse of it may lead to subtraction of your post count and/or "demotion"

• When you start a new thread, please add some content of your own instead of just posting a link or an one-liner etc.

• Do not post links to commercial sites (e.g. online stores, articles only readable by paid login, etc.) unless specifically relevant and in reply to another post asking about such information.

• Make sure the "subject" is descriptive of the topic when you start a new thread

• When replying, mostly try to stay on topic. You can always start a new thread (or reply to an existing one that is on-topic) if you have something else you wish to talk about, and it's not related in any way to the original topic, but please don't start several threads covering basically the same subject - try instead to use an already existing thread on the subject, unless there is a very good reason for starting a new. (see also above)

Guidelines regarding User Avatars and Signatures:

• You may not use an avatar of pornographic or offensive nature.

• You may not use animated avatars unless the animation is discreet (not drawing attention unless a user is looking at the avatar in the first place).

• Your signature may not contain or link to any sites containing (or affiliating with, and/or linking to) illegit, pharmaceutical, gambling, sexually graphic, or strongly offensive content.


Please contact us with any comments and/or questions you may have.

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