Beautiful Songs

Sylvie Pacey

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Hi Julie, Like your choice of hymns. I have written one which I often play at services, if you would like to see the words I will let you have them.
It is called "Gracious Spirit hear us" Haven't mastered sending music yet but hope to get there soon. Sylvie


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Well some have been mentioned and some haven't, but here is my list so far.

You're my best friend - Don Williams
Annie's song - John Denver
Wings of a dove - Ferlin Husky
Song to the moon - (Rusalka by Dvorak)
Cavatina - (Deer hunter theme sung by Cleo Laine)
Over the rainbow - Judy Garland
When I need you - Leo Sayer
Danny Boy

Oh there are so many, might think of more later.



^^ I agree Margaret; heaps of them.

Killing Me Softly With His Song - Roberta Flack (covered by many fine artists as well)
Words - Bee Gees
How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Bee Gees
I Started A Joke - Bee Gees
Massachusetts - Bee Gees
Stranger In Moscow - Michael Jackson
Do You Know Where You're Going To (Theme from Mahogany) - Diana Ross


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From the top of my head in no particular order:
Who wants to live forever - Queen
Grace - Jeff Buckly
Vincent - Don McLean

Corno Dolce

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Hi Joerfe,

Welcome aboard - Please do make yourself feel right at home and stay for a spell.


Corno Dolce :):):)


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hey margaret: "you're my best friend" by Queen

Caroline no - the beach boys

you've got a friend - donny hattaway ( never heard the Carol King original but i guess it's pretty )

walk away - ben harper


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November Rain - Guns N Roses
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Imagine - John Lennon
Rainbow Eyes - Rainbow
And of course the top over here is Hallelujah, that song still bugs me like nothing.....
Also, some of the Bob Dylan songs, and Sting as well are pretty beautiful


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"Nothing is as good as you" my song of the day.

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John Watt

I know what becomes of the broken-hearted,
because so many of my dreams have been lost before they started.
As I walk the streets, I move through space with minimum waste and maximum joy.
Those empty stares I see looking back at me, aren't anywhere that I want to be.
Look around, at all the broken-hearted, lost and alone in their own apartments.
One day I'm sure you'll find, as long as you can take the time,
to reach out and cross that line, to be loving.
We all can see clearly now.