Big Brother is alive and well at Amazon


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Somebody had their account closed for violating their T&C, by getting an ebook for her Kindle from Amazon UK although she was in Norway, the reason given was

the publisher seeks to control what content is read in which territory of the world."

What next I wonder, not being allowed to take a book out of the country to read on the plane, or read on holiday in another country?

Not quite the same thing but we in UK cannnot buy some software items from (or other USA based retailers) although the price in UK pounds is more pounds than USA pay in dollars, not sure of current prices but when I last checked on one item it was $400, in USA and something like £480 in UK.

One excuse the software companies make is the language difference, er what do you speak in USA? There may be a few spelling differences but I can't see that making such a big discrepancy in cost.


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sounds like the old rule." rich get richer and poor get poorer" to me.. control issues again... not far I gree


I was considering buying my daughter an I phone until I saw the price. Over £400.00 here and $90.00 in the states. Unlocked and usable in any country. I doubt that they we send me one at that price. Luckily I have relatives in Calafornia, and he works in computers.



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On the flip side, there are items we just can't get here in the US and have to rely upon international sites. My organ version copy of Handel's Messiah for instance had to be ordered from the UK directly. A software package I use to edit MP3 recordings comes from ... Australia of all places.

I don't understand the 'language' barrier between English speaking countries ... there are spelling differences for certain, but the gist of the word "colour" and "color" are quite clear to both sides of the pond. As for difference in price between the £ and the $ it makes absolutely no sense ... but then again, our petrol stations here vary in price as much as a dime per gallon just 4 miles from each other - same station brand, same exact fuel that came from the same exact tanker truck that delivered it.

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Please, please, and pretty please.
If you're talking Amazon, that's big sister, not big brother.
Aren't you sexually legal every way, where you are?

John Watt

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The actual Amazon tribe in Brazil were women,
that's why I'm typing big sister.
Something like the Amazon River, that big and that wet,
has to be women.
What's that saying, it ain't over till the fat lady paddles?

John Watt

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C'mon, you classicists!
What's wrong with typing "Big Sister" instead of "Big Brother", especially for Amazon?
Women now do have all equal rights as men in Canada,
and using the female allows you to use the word "bitches", ordinary in movies, TV and pop tunes now.
What you should be trying to repel is the female ascendence,
as the finest and last creation of our Heavenly Father, and far more socially and family oriented than ordinary men.
So "Big Sister" is coming, and when she does she'll make "Big Brother" seem cloistered.

JHC! When you're paddling a canoe, the heaviest person sits at the back,
the last person to pass by, an analogy to the traditional opera saying.

Krummhorn! I'm not trying to ascend on you, but your "color" and "colour" understanding is American.
The original colours were used to designate tribes, clans and allegiances, in ancient times.
Our word "colour", as defined by the dictionary originated by James of Scotland,
a language he then used to create the "Holy Bible", can be seen as "call our",
and typing "color" is a watering down of historic intent, the "hearts and minds thing", making it American.
You can say the same thing about "wonderfull" and "wonderful".

The new "Canadian Dictionary" is changing language legally up here, seeming to be about computer use.
What is being seen as the most dramatic changes are leaving the accents off "French" or "Quebecois" words,
even Metis, a historic First Nations subgroup.
I should look up America. Maybe after George Bush it's "Merica".
Nuclear is still nuclear.


John Watt

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I thought Ross Perot was on a roll until I found out Republicans and Democrats
controlled the electoral college.
In Canada, Preston Manning, a westerner, started the Reform Party, unable to win.
His next in line, Stephen Harper, took over the Conservative Party and has been Prime Minister for six years.
I was voting for Reform from the first chance I had.