Bluegrass My Ass (new tune)


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Howdy people! Here's my newest tune:



Have a great weekend!

John Watt

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Actually, I'm surprised the untitled Mr. Frederik Magle allows displays like this.
This is very racist.
The title is just racist, because I'm sure,
bluegrass has never been close to Autophonics' ass.
And he can't defend himself by typing he's creating "archival rock",
because it's not rock, it's bluegrass or his ass.
If Autophonic wants to come to Canada and visit me to see how racist I am,
I'll be huddling out in the woods, in the firewood shack, covered in snow a little, icy,
with a real old five-string zither I just made from real old dead wood,
willing to sell it to you for $1,400 if you help me back to my apartment.
That's when you can stand next to my fire for a hot cultural experience.


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I'm not at all racist :p I'm sorry I can't come to Canada as I cannot afford the flight ticket. I do love rock, blues, jazz, country and bluegrass. The tune is just an experiment with Madtracker, I wanted to try using separate channels to represent each string of a guitar.


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Well the music for the most part is definately bluegrrass style... I do not think the jitter bug dance goes with it at all.. maybe just mountain views or simliliar type be better.. Alot of bluegreass around her ini upstate South Carolina and mountains.