Bohemian Rhapsody


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you a video I came aross yesterday. It shows the process of creating of one of Queen's greatest hits - Bohemian Rhapsody. The song's being pulled to pieces and explained thoroughly by Brian May.

Watching it really let me notice little things I hadn't heard in the song before.


And make sure to watch it in HD, too.

John Watt

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I remember when this album first came out, and I saw it as the oncoming death of live rock, for the average band.
10 C.C. already had a multiple over-dubbed hit with "You're not in Love", but it was an original song with over-dubbed vocals,
more for the atmospheric effect than compositional.
When Queen, another British band, used this same technology, they grafted traditional opera to rock tones, a novelty hit.
"We will, we will rock you", became an arena chant in American football stadiums, as other lines from Queen songs did,
so they knew the difference between "high art" and "low-brow" culture, riffing off both aspects of entertainment.
Now that holographic reproductions to recreate dead artists for a stage presence is becoming a new industry in the United States,
we can see a further extension of technological use over actual human endeavor.
I was busking in front of a supermarket yesterday, making $23 in less than an hour.
These 61 year old fingers also heard, heard they have serious skills.
There are some very strange versions of BR out there try these...........

but I like this one best - even for the shear guts of try to do it solo!