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Bon Jovi are a rock band from New Jersey that has sold more than 100 million albums in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, and played live concerts in major cities in Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada and South America, in addition to a large number of cities in the USA. Bon Jovi have sometimes been classified as hair metal - sometimes even regarded as the form's prime shapers - but have proved much more durable than most groups so labeled. They went on to become the biggest rock band in the world. It has been a band which inspired lots of today's bands, and also created the "Unplugged" style of performing on a MTV award show.


Jon Bon Jovi - vocals/guitar
Richie Sambora - lead guitar
Tico Torres - drums
David Bryan - keyboards
Hugh McDonald - bass guitar (although not classed as an 'official' member, Hugh has played bass on Bon Jovi's albums since 1995 and joins them on tour)
Alec John Such - bass guitar



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I like Bon Jovi from their initial sons like "Livin' on a Prayer" in 1983 through to "Keep the Faith" in the 1990s and more latterly, "It's my life". Although the hair has got shorter, the hard rock vocals and music are still there.


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It seems like yesterday I heard Living on a prayer, is it really that long ago? Nice to see they are still doing the business and recieving awards still. I heard them recently on an awards programme where they recieved entry into a hall of fame where they played live to the masses. They did a few accousitc versions including Living on a prayer and its my life and I have to say they are still the force they were way back when.
They certainly have kept the faith!

John Watt

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I was into being slippery when wet, but I transcended that, gettin'sweaty wit'it.
Now? I'm John non-Jovi.

John Watt

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Now that I'm looking again, I can't let you get away with typing Bon Jovi is the biggest rock band in the world.
That's just not true.
There has been some action in the biggest rock band in the world category, though.
Rush has moved up to number three, The Beatles still number one, The Rolling Stones still number two.
Bachman-Turner Overdrive was the last band that wasn't The Beatles, to lead this list.
Sometimes, even a Canadian band, takin'care of business... evry day, can make it big time.

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John, I loved BTO and most especially "Taking Care of Business"! Brings back a lot of good memories indeed.


Never really got into them. Was constantly getting their name confused with Bonjela which you rub on baby's gums when they are teething. Much disgust was expressed by my daughters who were fans



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they had their time and place, but they've just gotten to the point where they don't write anything that stands out to me anymore. nothing about them now keeps my attention