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Carilion de Westminster

Hello, my name is Vincent Turregano. I am a young organist/pianist. I have been playing for about 3 years now. My organ teacher recently left my town and i have been stranded. However, i have started trying to learn how to play the Carilion. Well, its very difficult, and i was wondering if anyone had any tips tricks or good advice for tackleing this peice. I have gotten through the first little bits of it until the moving 4ths start changeing quickly, and i skipped to the Bflat Major moving notes. I would be most appriciative if anyone could help me. THanks


Frederik Magle

Staff member
Welcome to MIMF.dk, Vincent!

Unfortunately I have not played the Carillon de Westminster by Louis Vierne myself, so I cannot help you with the specifics, but maybe there are some other organists out there, reading this thread, who can?

Anyhow, good luck with it - it's a wonderful piece!


New member
The Vierne's Carillon de Westminster is very nice and is a masterpiece. However it is not so much hard. First you must play the entire piece very slowly, using clic machine. Begin by manuals alone, without pedal, and do rehersal again and again. When you are fine with your fingers, begin the pedal (with manuals), always slowly. The secret ? Play more the mesures where you have more difficulties ! When you can play it slowly, increase the tempo until you reach the good speed.
Other "trick" very important : you must work each day, even few time. A little work each day is 100 times better than working only one (long) time by week.
Play each day one page and you will see that the Carillon is very easy (compare with last mouvement of the Vierne 6th symphony and you'll understand what is a difficult organ piece !!!).
Enjoy music !