Cause and cure for alzheimers has been discovered


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Fascinating! My gums used to bleed but since I sterted using those in between the teeth brushes daily they no longer bleed.

John Watt

When I was a kid you never heard about flossing,
something that came out in the late seventies, if I remember.
The first floss anything I saw were plastic devices for flossing,
that American tourists would throw away on the ground around Niagara Falls.
I picked one up and brought it back to the club and showed the lead singer,
and he explained what it was for.
I had one tooth that got pussy and bleedy,
so I started squeezing the gum all the time and after a couple of months it stopped.

When I saw the title for this article,
I thought someone with an atomic microscope and MRI found something in the brain.
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