CCTV picture quality, or lack thereof!


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I am amazed at the dire quality of CCTV images which get released by the police "have you seen this man?" Often difficult to tell if it's a man or woman. With the advances in photographic sensors over the years I would have thought they could get something considerably better. Even a webcam can give a decent image: OK at times they can blame poor light, so improve the lighting, it's not rocket science!.

This in today's local paper on the front page

at the size the paper printed it it was more a pattern of pixels than a likeness, and mono is no help either, at least with a colour image someone may recognise the clothing


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Jeeeez mike that looks like someone on MIMF wow
I suppose there are good quality and bad


I agree. Its not easy to take pictures in low light situations but if I can get decent pictures with my little Mamiya the powers that be should be able to do better.



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I've seen it suggested that a lot of users only fit CCTV in their premises when forced to by their insurers, so they buy the cheapest [email protected] on the market.

Surely if the insurers insisted on a minimum standard, or offered incentives in terms of reduced premiums based on the quality of the results, i.e how recognisable are people on the screen, if you fit the cheap stuff no reduction, fit good kit - big reduction. Could also save the insurers money, more thieves caught, more stolen items recovered, less to payout.

Just had a look at Webcams on Amazon, prices from around £5 up to over £60 and from what I've used and seen the picture quality is good. In some circumstances I can see a need for weather proofing but that is not difficult either. If road speed cameras can identify faces in moving vehicles the technology is surely not impossible for CCTV in slower moving subjects.