[CD review] October Project


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Title: October Project
Year: 1993
Genre: Art Rock


1. Bury My Lovely
2. Ariel
3. Where You Are
4. A Lonely Voice
5. Eyes of Mercy
6. Return to Me
7. Wall of Silence
8.Take Me As I Am
9. Now I Lay Me Down
10. Always
11. Paths of Desire
12. Be My Hero

CD: Sony Music / Epic Records # EK-53947

One of the best things which happened in the music scene in the 90’s (that’s what I do think about this wonderful band), OCTOBER PROJECT released only two albums, by Sony/Epic Records (October Project, from 1993, and Falling Farther In, from 1995), before getting dumped by their record company in ‘96, when they simply broke up. Some of the band members formed a short-lived band called November Project, which released an EP of songs entitled A Thousand Days (1999), but they soon reverted back to their former name, releasing a self-produced CD entitled Different Eyes, in 2003.

The debut, self-titled release of the group, though, is the true musical gem I want to talk about here. This is simply one of the most beautiful albums I had the chance to listen to in all my life. It is mesmerizing, it is magical, it is mystical. Kind of vocal dominated symphonic rock, featuring a lush combination of keyboards, strings, percussion and guitars with emotive, gorgeous female vocals. :clap:

The lush instrumentation and the rich, pristine vocal harmonies provided by lead vocalist Mary Fahl, with her powerful, deep, mysterious voice, combined with backing vocalist Marina Belica’s sweet voice, are indeed the trademark of the music of October Project. You can dream, you can even cry, you can get totally mesmerized by listening to this wonderful stuff. :up:

I find it hard to categorize or compare October Project's beautiful music, but I would say they sound to me like a mix of Renaissance (akin to their beautiful orchestral textures) with folk-rock à la Clannad, Capercaillie and Steeleye Span, and also some tinge of quiet music in the vein of Enya and Loreena McKennitt.

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