[CD review] Pure Reason Revolution - The Dark Third


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Title: The Dark Third
Year: 2006
Genre: Progressive Rock


Chloe Alper – Vocals, bass guitar
Andrew Courtney – Drums, percussion
Jon Courtney – Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, programming
James Dobson – Vocals, keyboards, bass guitar, violin, programming
Gregory Jong – Guitars, vocals, keyboards
Jamie Willcox – Guitars, vocals


1. Aeropause – 5:04
2. Goshen's Remains – 5:45
3. Apprentice of the Universe – 4:16
4. The Bright Ambassadors of Morning – 11:56
5. Nimos & Tambos – 3:44
6. Voices in Winter / In the Realms of the Divine – 6:35
7. Bullitts Dominae – 5:23
8. Arrival / The Intention Craft – 8:53
9. He Tried to Show Them Magic / Ambassadors Return – 13:14

CD reference: One Heaven Records # 82876845082

PURE REASON REVOLUTION is a new progressive band from London. They released some EP's (Apprentice of the Universe, in 2004, and The Bright Ambassadors of Morning and The Intention Craft, in 2005) and a mini-album (Cautionary Tales for the Brave, also in 2005) before releasing their debut full length album, The Dark Third, in 2006.

I find the music of PRR very fresh and new, not sounding like any other band specifically, although we can find some sparse elements of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Timothy Pure, Dredg, Yes e The Beach Boys in their music. Most notably Pink Floyd, as you can infer by the title of the track "The Bright Ambassadors of Morning" (with it’s clear reminiscences to Floyd’s Echoes suite), but fact is that the band manages very well to blend together the old and the new, making this album very modern sounding overall, even appearing to draw some interesting influences from the Indie scene as well (Dredg, Secret Machines, Arcade Fire, etc).

The album opens with "Aeropause", a spacey, trippy instrumental piece in the best Pink Floyd tradition, with Gilmour-inspired guitar work. The whole album flows very nicely and there are absolutely no fillers here, no bad tracks at all, making the experience of listening to this album very enjoyable and refreshing. :up:

The vocals are shared by female and male vocalists, with some wonderful, gorgeous interplay between them. If you also enjoy pristine vocal harmonies, then you’ll also love this album, given that they are in abundance all over this awesome recording. :clap:

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