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John Watt

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Steve Vai was a big disappointment when I went to see him,
as part of David Lee Roth's band, after Van Halen.
Steve gave great interviews, pages after pages, philosophic, scientific,
and his CDs did guitar things no-one else had done, and he was so fast.

When I saw him live, David Lee Roth was fat, and even though his stage stuff was there,
the surfboard in the rafters, the boxing ring never lowered, all of that,
he would just walk offstage after singing and let Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan jam.

Steve had a nice move, letting his guitar lay on the stage,
where he'd run and slide up to it, and play tappings on it while he lay beside it,
but other than that, he looked like a cocaine cowboy male stripper,
and didn't dance around as much as an amateur.
He had roadies changing his sounds, but they couldn't speed him up like recordings.

He knows where he's at.
When he got a company to pay him to design very expensive guitars, Kramer,
he featured what he called a "monkey grip", a carved out, finger-shaped handle,
on the side of the body.
He also sold what was called a "Fat-Head", a golden, metal sheet to cover your headstock,
using tuners to hold it on, what was supposed to give you more sustain.
I never saw him use it, or anyone else.

And that's a Rimski-brimski Korsikof to you!