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Is anybody here studying chemistry?
I am interested in it.
I want to enter the science stream next year.
Science stream contains physic,chemistry,biology and maths.
I want to enter Cambridge for further chemistry education!!
How do you think about chemistry?


Well, I really enjoyed chemistry in high school, as well as biology and some math. As I went into music study after high school, I took a physics of music course that I enjoyed (acoustics and so on).

Cambridge is indeed a great school (very well-known) for chemistry or any other subject, I`m sure! (I studied at McGill).

So, best of luck!


I am currently taking advanced physics (quantum theory, relativity, etc.) and love it. Although it is a very hard course (We do a lecture on one Chapter each day, then take an exam the next day.) Biology and Chemistry would probably the most fun science classes I have taken, however you may think differently. Good Luck at Cambridge, I'm sure you'll do fine!