Chernobyl today (A ride through the ghost town)

Frederik Magle

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taking a short break, I found this very fascinating must-see link:

Seeing the pictures of the ghost towns, you can feel the lonelynes and sadness. No one has been into most of these buildings since 1986.
Also, she's a very brave woman going to that area. Hats off!

I know the two can't be compared, but imagine if this happened to Copenhagen... (There's an old Swedish nuclear plant just 10 km away from Copenhagen city)



Very Scary.!!!!!!! You see the town (more like a city) and the map of how wide an area is still affected.We have a Nuclear Plant in South Australia like that.It has been closed since the 1950's.Not 10km like you have in CPH but a 1000km away from me..It would still reach my little town.Very Brave Lady to motorcycle around there and let the world see what "really" can happen.Let's hope & pray that it never happens again.


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It’s very scary.
I was too young to understand what had happen. But I cut feel my parents chook and fear.

How many times has the Swedish politician promise to close Barsebeck.
We have lots of discussions about nuclear energy, in my family. The risk contra pollution. Wind energy etc contra oil, nuclear …


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It's for sure; you can't really watch those photos and read the comments about this true and very sad tragedy without getting deeply moved.
I clearly remember how scared I was for several years back then.... (well, I guess I still am, but somehow I manage to forget!)


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yeah it's tragic... - I haven't visited the homepage yet but just looking at the picture posted gives a vivid mental image of what it must have been like, and how desolate it is now... there are too many tragic things happening in the world today to really being able to differentiate this "topic" here with any of the countless and seemingly endless suicide-bombings in the middleeast and madrid, spain... - at least Chernobyl was an accident of sorts... but these terroractions... - completely defies sanity... completely...