Christian metal and rock


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Yow ppl
do u know sum christian bands i can listen to.
i really like three days grace but they arent christian... if someone knows an equivalant plz let me know
also im lookin for christian metal, without scremo and gruntin, i want to be able to understand the lyrics :p
the best band i know so far is HB but i listened to them 2 much, someone know a band like them plz let me know

thanks beforehand



Hello Toomb and welcome to the forum. I will see what I can dig up. meanwhile enjoy the excellent company here



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I know. Old thread, but there are few Christian bands that I like. Generally what I like are bands that are not focused on Christian music but do some Christian songs. I do like Bob Dylan's three albums when he was born again. I like all the Gospel songs by Johnny Cash. I like the old Gospel blues covered by Tom Feldmann. I really like the band, Stryper, a lot. Stryper pretty much does all Christian messages, but they don't consider themselves a "Christian Band" as they were rockers first and always will be rockers, but they were born again early on and so their lyrics reflect that. Way better than most "Christian bands."
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John Watt

I'm seeing MrToomB from Gorinchem, when I don't know where that is.

This video shows a young Canadian man and wife who tour as a Christian band, from the western prairies.
The husband plays bass for some of my favorite songs, but this is about a church appearance.
Many churches in Canada have big screens to show the words so people can sing along,
and rock instruments being used as a band instead of a choir is popular.

This couple have CDs out, tour with a drummer and other musicians,
and they have a podcast for an hour and a half where they talk about their lives with guests.
I subscribed to them for over three years, looking around all the churches they played in.
A song Bob Dylan wrote, "Any day now, any day now, I shall be released", could be a hymn.
Stryper is Christian rock, even if they have to lash out at you and leave stripes to get their message across.



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Stryper is an awesome band. And their new album, just out in Sept, is one of their best. Here it is for a sampling: