Coffee Kitchen for Earlybirds.


Drop in for a coffee and chit-chat. How is your morning or plans for the day.
What is your favourite coffee or breakfast?
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If you like boiled egg and soldiers for breakfast, here is a little tip to know whether an egg is fresh or not:- If an egg is fresh it will lay on its side in the water, if it is going off, it will stand upright.
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John Watt

Hmmm! I don't drink coffee or tea, and I've never tried to boil an egg all by myself.
Seeing "Earlybirds" makes me think of a joke some children told me.

If a jet and a helicopter went fishing together, who would bring the bait?
The twirly-bird gets the worms.

My ideal breakfast would have to include some left-over Kentucky Fried Chicken,
or turkey and cranberry sauce, served in a fine restaurant as all expenses paid.
Oh! What would make any breakfast perfect?
Being paid to rehearse later in the day.
And the perfect breakfast dessert? Pistachio pudding, or cream of wheat with apple sauce and raisins.
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Well I called it Ealrybirds cafe because I get up early, but of course anytime is fine, whenever one visits the forum, which gets fewer and fewer.

I could not eat chicken or puddings for breakfast! What is cream of wheat ? ​
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John Watt

Cream of wheat was second to oatmeal porridge, for those breakfast foods.
I've never made it myself, and all I can remember is mom had a box for cream of wheat.
It's almost white, and when it sits it starts to get hard on top.
It's grainy, but it's more like a pudding than porridge.
Mom would put banana slices, raisins, pieces of canned fruit, whatever was handy.
Now, I can see adding some dried, sweetened cranberries.

Waking up hungry is a far different thing than waking up and starting off your day in a civilized way.
One of my lines when I was on the road was saying I don't want to be domesticated.
That still works.

I think it's Sheriff or Jello that made the pistachio pudding.
Talking about food, a lot of people are saying food prices went up a dollar.
Cans of salmon did.

Right now, I'm frying up four chicken strips on a big frying pan,
so I can add three eggs, cutting the butt end of this bread to make toast,
and dip some in the yolks, with lemonade pop.
That's on the hotplate in front of the TV, watching "The Assassins' Hitman",
so far, a really really good movie that has many unexpected moments.
Starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, and this is my favorite Samuel L. Jackson.
Amazing flash violence and special effects with lots of stars, but no blood or nudity.
Breakfast and a movie, an accomadation you might seek on your next Niagara Falls visit.