Common Sense...


Commodore de Cavaille-Coll
In the infected and hyper-hyped environmental debate a step back is often needed to readily assess the efficacy of the programs which currently waste so much money and solve so little - here's a welcome interjection:




Yeah but people have been saying things like this for years. Hell, the world could explode at any moment for all we know. I suggest that we stop worrying about the future, and start enjoying the present. That's what I think is wrong with American society these days... All people worry about is the future, which some would deem quite important. However I on the other hand find that if I spend less time finding faults, and more time grasping the fun in the present, life seems like a lot brighter place... Even in the streets of Boston.


Commodore of Water Music
That is a good way to live your life, but considering what could happen. I too don't worry about it...I will not let it change my style of living unless absolutely necessary.