Composers & Musicians Connection - Please Read!

Frederik Magle

Staff member
Welcome to the Composers & Musicians Connection Forum!

With over 23,000* members and many many more visitors - including a lot of professional musicians and/or composers, Magle International Music Forums is a great place for creating contact between composers and musicians (including singers and conductors), and this forum is dedicated to just that.

it works like this:

If you are a composer who would like to make contact to a musician or musicians (ensembles, orchestras, etc.), singer(s) or conductors, that they may perform your music, you can make a post (start a new thread) for each work you would like performed (though please group similar pieces together in one post). Please include as much and detailed information as possible about the work, if possible a score excerpt (or the whole score), etc. Please be specific about what you are looking for, a musician, an orchestra, etc. Musicians can then reply to your thread, and potentially a fruitful musical contact will be made!

If you are a musician: soloist, singer, conductor, and/or represent an ensemble (chamber ensemble, orchestra, choir, etc.) and would like to make contact to a composer for commisioning a new work (or inquire about existing works) you can make a post informing about you or your ensemble and letting composers know what kind of works you would like to perform. Again, please be as detailed and specific as possible.

Musicians (and singers, conductors, etc.) may also use this forum to meet other musicians for musical cooperations, and ensembles may advertise open positions.

I hope this will turn into a very exciting and musically fruitful meeting place, connecting composers and musicians from all over the world.

Note that this forum is meant for creating contact between composers, musicians and singers for specific works/projects/events, if you simply wish to showcase and receive feedback on your music please use the Music & Website Reviews or Contemporary Classical Works forums. Also note, only members with more than 500 posts (or subscribers) can start more than 2 new threads within every 10 days.

This forum is a work in progress, so please let me know any and all ideas, requests, and wishes you may have for improving this.

Many kind regards,
Frederik Magle

*Updated August 2014

Torsten Brandes

New member
Dear Frederik,
thank you very much that you followed this idea and realised it. It seems to me that this forum offers an enormous amount of possibilities.
Best regards,

Frederik Magle

Staff member
Dear Torsten,

Thank you for coming up with the idea and requesting this feature!

I think this has great potential, and thus I recommned all musians and composers to take a look at, and if possible participate in, this new forum :)


New member
Interesting; this is a very interesting proposition indeed.

I happen to have some orchestral pieces on my YouTube channel.
You can feel free to try to figure some of them out or to take some elements of them

Here they are:

I don't have the 500 posts necessary to start very many threads, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.