Compositions based on literary sources


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[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Hidear community,

I recently thought a lot about literaryinspirations for musical works. In my Œuvrethere are already a few pieces with are inspired by great novels. AsI was reading Philip Reeve's “Mortal Engine” a film-music-liketheme came in my mind.

This is just a short snippet, but Ithink I will do some major work based on that novel (maybe a Suite?)and maybe also about the sequels.

Do you have any suggestions,ideas or experience with literary musical rendering?

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John Watt

What about comic books based on music, or music based on comic books,
or people who live their lives and costume up as comic books?
Literature is not only over-rated, it's too easy to use font to fontune up some royalty protections.
No comic book super-hero ever sued a composer for using them as inspiration.
Being modern and royalty free is even better.