Count Basie & Oscar Peterson


Lars, there's loads of stuff from the swing era also going further back to some of the early 1920/30's, Original dixieland jazz band, some of the old blues singers, and just about every big band/swing from late 30's on. Old movies as well, probably the ultimate nostalgia trip.

John Watt

Hmmm! I'm still thinking the ultimate nostalgia trip,
when I should be wondering why Count Basie and Oscar Peterson are on the same product.
Count Basie was American and Oscar Peterson was Canadian, big differences for me.
Count Basie was most known by Americans for the piano riff he used to end a song,
a very slow, single note riff, and was famous as a big band leader.
Oscar Peterson was known as one of the fastest fingered pianists,
and was more of a solo and trio artist.

Okay, I might be a little tetched to be dithering about this,
but packaging and repackaging just as old tech and new tech,
define the music of our modern lives,
I have to strive to keep some kind of musical reality in my life.
Yeah, music, it's where you find it.