Crafter Jmd series hand made acoustic guitar


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i found my old crafter junior jmd 100eq , Dreadnought body
i need all informations of this model,is good? crafter junior and crafter have diference? thenks


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Your guitar would sell for 120$.

It is not a good guitar, but for a beginner it would be OK.

Crafter Jr. is Crafter's beginner's guitar line.

Good Luck with your guitar!
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is actually my first acoustic guitar, and I wanted to know if it's a good, do not want to play in bands or something, because I play electric guitar and i like play the acustic guitar sometimes, thank you for informations. :)


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Guitar ID wanted

Hi. I have a crafter cruiser junior Model JC-24n. Does anyone have any info on this please?


Hello gerrymac and welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find all the answers you need here

John Watt

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It's one thing to type that you're not a professional musician, or anything,
just wanting to play your acoustic guitar, but you can't just type what it's worth.
It's nice that everyone else has been welcoming and polite, if not completely restrained,
but I'm not.
What kind of wood is the guitar made out of, tropical or northern, for one example?
Is it easy to play, or does it need work? Every guitar needs to be personalized,
if you're really going to get into it.

John Watt

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Don't worry about that, I'm not sure I'm following myself entirely myself.
I'm glad you got into it, finding all that information that even I can understand,
but it's slack to just be typing a name and asking about a guitar.

In Harmony Central, the oldest and biggest American online domain about guitars,
someone posted a picture of an acoustic with a name, asking what it is, etc.
No-one was responding to this thread, so I made up my own response,
at first riffing off the presentation of the guitar, but then, using a comedy routine attempt,
started describing the off-shore and on-shore aspects of manufacture and retail.
A lawyer seeming person got on to me, about this and my guitar and patents,
and that thread took off, getting tens of thousands of views and this almost 400 reply back and forth thing.

I'm not expecting that here, just cognizant of the probabilities,
and I'm not riffing off this "Crafter" name, even if it's a natural for wordplay.
At Harmony Central, my two threads about my semi-solid-body electric guitar invention,
got the most replies and views by far, for that time frame, that year, and maybe this decade.
Here, I just get bowed over. And that's nice, me learning something, and that's my place in the musical firmament.


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So you're a forum artist and you use posts as a form of art/literature? Am I understanding that correctly? I can appreciate that. Of course, this is a pretty tame venue, I can see how it would find a much more natural setting in the halls of harmony central.

Concerning the guitar:

I honestly could only find this much information <I'm signalling an inch with my thumb and forefinger> and it was almost all in portuguese. I also assumed that our original poster's first language wasn't english, so I tried to keep it simple.

I would welcome someone with more expertise in the area, and a more nuanced view of guitar value to post a better response.
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thirdcreed! Forum artist sounds nice, but I'm not that, uh, good of a user.
I got a lifetime ban from Harmony Central, so don't think I'm pushing that domain.
Others using profanity against others, debating my guitar, got me banned.
That was for inappropriate posting.
Others could insult my being Canadian, the polite insults, so I had to defend myself.

Mark Wein Guitar Lessons Forums,, is a far better place to be.

I'm glad you mentioned that English might not be a first language for our query artist,
because I was keeping it a lttle easy too, difficult, when I wanted to rant.
But if you're going to ask, you should show some photos.
If I can see it, I've got something to say. And, uh, even if I can't see it.