Delicious Grace (Homage to Elvis)


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Hi guys. This is a song I wrote called ''The Boy from Memphis''. It's still in demo status but I really wanted to share it with Elvis' fans (I guess we've got a few around here).

A humble homage to one of the greatest singers of all time. Hope you enjoy:

Delicious Grace - The Boy From Memphis

I would like to dedicate this thread to John Watt.
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John Watt

I replied to this thread in the first thread where alcapone and I got into it.
I'm here now to be formal and thank him here for his dedication to me.

It's a little known fact, but Elvis had some serious help in his hometown.
B.B. King was a radio disc jockey, and he introduced Elvis to his club scene.
The Elvis I know is the Elvis who toured live as a rockabilly band, dancing away.
His first two movies, in black and white, also show more of this original Elvis,
than the Elvis who went away in the army and came back to, not tour as a live act,
but make Hollywood movies with album soundtracks.

I can only be real here, and can't call Elvis one of the greatest singers.
He was very good-looking, was a great mover onstage, and was as down as American society gets.
But he had only one vibrato and always used that, maybe an uncontrollable vibrato.
Here in the Niagara Peninsula, back then, Toronto stations weren't on all the time.
Catching Buffalo and Detroit signals meant growing up with Motown and Buffalo r'n'b.
Bobby Washington and the Soul Society, from Buffalo,
and The Wicked Wilson Pickett, both played at our high school in Welland.
I've been knock knock knockin' on wood ever since.
I did a house gig in Niagara Falls with Ned Green, with his Buffalo band in Niagara Falls.
And the good old days just keep getting better.
I am the only musician who gets paid to sing and play guitar in Welland,
so it's not that way for everyone else.
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You are welcome, John.

We could argue about Elvis being one of the best in the game but it's not worth, my friend. It's just one of those things you can not find a winner.

Elvis is a inspiration for me and will always be. Even though I'm more into the guys that can write a song. But with Elvis is diferent. The guy is pure magic. I can almost taste what he's saying. That's singing from the heart in my opinion.

This song was a very true and humble tribute to him. It's not a cover but with elements from his songs. I'm very proud of what I did. This song deserves a better production and a better singer, in my opinion. All in all I hope you guys enjoy.
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Hello everybody. I'll make this thread the ''oficial thread'' regarding the Delicious' songs. If an admin. could please edit the tittle removing the sentence ''homage to Elvis'' would be great. I don't want to mislead people.


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This is a new song called ''Chaos and Shame''. It's a political statement about something really wrong. Take it for what it is.

I don't usually write about this subject but I couldn't help it.



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Hi guys. We've got a new demo out. It's called ''Nocturnal''. Hope you like it.

The Latin words circa diem translate to ‘about a day’. Circadian rhythms are pretty ancient. They are a result of life that evolved on a planet that rotates over a period of 24 hours. Being able to anticipate daily environmental fluctuations is remarkably useful, hence these biological clocks are virtually ubiquitous. Disrupting them causes complications. Circadian rhythms are therefore fascinating on a molecular, medical and evolutionary level.
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Delicous got a new demo out. It's called "Queen Of England''.


This song was based on a film called ‘’King Charles III’’. It seemed an interesting subject to write about.

I would like to clarify this not a political statement. I've lived in England for a period of my life and have nothing to complain about. It’s just a fun song based on a fictional situation.
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John Watt

Eduardo! Wow! When you see what I've got and what I'm saying,
you'll understand why seeing all these new videos of yours makes me feel so good.
So I'm not going to type any more about what I did because I'm talking about it.

Your invitation to view the next evolution of posting on,
using videos to talk instead of type, is here now as an introductory feature.

"Get out of my way, you're the one to blame."
I've been saying I wish they would leave me alone.

I've got an Acadian rhythm. I see a new Scorpion King movie every few years. I still want The Rock.
okay... Dwayne Johnson.

Now Eduardo, when you've played in as many bands and fill-in gigs as I have,
going through so many musical eras, it's easy to think songs sound like something.
And I was always good at saying you can sing this song to that songs' chords.
I'm thinking of a song, a Joe Jackson song, and I played three of those.
"Stepping Out", definitely not that one, "I'm the Man", maybe some of it,
and a slow song, something about "don't you feel like trying something new."

I had a light shining at me, thinking you would see the guitar and my hands and me a little.

I mentioned ancient megaliths because I watch a lot of that on YouTube,
and because of the carrier I made for my paintings.
That's the black bird Noah let go that never came back, and I always ask,
why do the natives of North, Central and South America,
all have a creation or restoration myth, where a black bird brought down the sun,
to calm the trembling mountains and raging seas?
For a big myth about two of everything, there was only one black bird, and yes,
there are still two sides to this earth. They didn't know that back then.

The circles around the triangles around the edge of the sky scene,
are copies of Mayan writing from one of their ancient pyramid temples.
National Geographic was saying these people didn't write when I was a teen.
But then, that's an American magazine.
I made this fast, with stencils, using furniture foam to press and wipe on the paint.
Those rose stencils on the black background are symbolic of Peruvian dress,
where men can wear black pants with embroidered flowers on them.
Those stencils are from my sign-painting days, over twenty-five years ago. I made them.

This is a carrier for three paintings, gluing it together with cardboard. You can't see the handle.


Eduardo! I forgot to mention that your artwork with your name and the Brazilian symbol is impressive.
I shouldn't say this, but it's better than anything Che Guevera did.
You know you're going to be singing some political blues.

The "Queen of England" has a very captivating sense of artistry.
I knew what it said right away but I had to keep looking to see individual letters.
Everything blends and looks really nice, but I wasn't expecting a novelty tune here.

"When the power of love is stronger than the love of power, there will be peace." Jimi Hendrix.
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John Watt

Eduardo! I'm under duress more than I thought, and I'm talking about it.
I said Easy Rider instead of C.C. Rider and got Scotty Moores' last name wrong.
Don't ask me how I managed to forget the tremolo arm.
The more I play around with this BOSS portable amp, the more I'm getting into it.

In the last few days, an electronics man searched my apartment for electronic surveillance.
He installed a new security system that shows my apartment, not the former business upstairs,
so we can see who is entering my apartment when I'm not there.
These cameras, spread around the building, are linked to a device he carries.
If one of them goes off he sees it where-ever he is so he can call the police.

I was thinking of you, watching one of those addictive American TV series, called "The Originals".
It's about the first vampires, and I thought I was all vampired out.
They're in New Orleans and it's a very emotional and dark show, like you and me.
The soundtrack music is really good and there are a lot of live New Orleans bands.
I watched all five seasons in a row, and the season ending was hot and still confuses me.
I want to know what happened afterwards. Any comment would be a spoiler.

The "grotesque" of American politics has always been there to see, seeing that about President Trump.
But something is happening.
For the first time, in one State, far more women were elected than men.

John Watt

Now I'm looking at this in the light of day, and Eduardo, I think I came across.
That also depends on what you're thinking.
I think I even caught a little Elvis voice there.

When I was in Fitch Street Senior School, grades seven and eight, there was a school dance.
The girls playing the records played only one slow song.
"Crying in the Chapel", by Elvis Presley, maybe his biggest hit song, and I'm willing to debate that.
They might have really liked the record, but I think they also had their minds on marriage.
That was before "the pill" really became popular and you had to be totally careful about having sex.
That's my favorite Elvis song.
"I'll be crying in the cha-pu-uh-ul, all my tears come running down, uh-own,
I'll be crying in the cha-a-pel, because you left me all alone."
I think that's it. What, 1966? I don't think they used that song in a movie.
"Suspicious Minds" is my favorite song to play.

John Watt

This is my favorite YouTube Elvis. I really can't see changing my mind.
I try this and knock my knees, always making me laugh.
Madonna brought the basics for this style from New York discos.
You know four-four beat.
Try moving your feet, going one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two three, one-two-three.
There! You just did four one-two-threes that added up to twelve beats on the beat.
Madonna just moved her feet forward and backward, sometimes moving her body side to side a little.
That was pretty good considering she was singing.

The reason I like this song is the combination of the old and new Elvis.
For rock and roll, the bass line is not only jazzy, the sound of the bass is new technology.
The drums are into it with the bass, more of a modern movie soundtrack style, session players.
Elvis also has, for him, psychedelic echo on his voice, sometimes.
When Elvis started out there was only "slap-back echo", having just one clean repeat.
That was like a vocal sweetener, adding an artificial sustain that's the same all the time.
What I like the most is the guitar, sounding like an acoustic, or a very clean acoustic sounding electric,
and if it was, that was new technology.
Sometimes I think it sounds like an acoustic guitar and a banjo.
The rhythm guitar just keeps going non-stop, what I like the most, and it's perfect for these shuffle girls.
This video is louder than mine, and if you're at work, I wouldn't recommend watching it.


John Watt

All right Eduardo! This is my second favorite YouTube Elvis, for a few reasons.
It doesn't have the best shuffle girls, and sometimes they're just walking, not shuffling.
But it has Elvis and Ann Margaret, and it tweaks my brain big time, for real.
Seeing them is seeing them, but watching them dance with this shuffle song is revealing.

I'm sure Elvis would sooner be playing guitar and singing and dancing.
Sometimes, it looks like he's not happy with it,
probably because he has to make some simple moves to have the same moves as Ann Margaret.
When I was working with Elvis imitators and their Elvis musicians,
I always said that Elvis was more progressive as a dancer than he was as a singer.
After he came back from Germany, he didn't tour as a stage act any more,
just making soundtrack albums for movies, where he kept dancing with pro dancers.
But watching modern shuffle girls really puts these two back into the sixties.
My favorite Elvis move was pushing up on the tips of his toes and walking forward,
while he held his arms up in the air and moved them around with or without a guitar.


John Watt

If we're getting into Elvis we have to see the Elvis I first saw, in the news and on Ed Sullivan.
He was on late night talk shows but I wasn't awake then. Neither were my parents.
Everything is old about this except for the fact that he's singing and dancing, some of the time.
Okay, he might be shaking off the effects of some pep pills or uppers 'cause the song is too slow.

I was wondering what "The Antiques Roadshow" would appraise the RCA dog for.
RCA had a record player with a big horn on it, with the dog sitting there looking down at it,
and the ad was called "His Masters' Voice", looking like even a dog is fooled by their new record player.
I can see you with a live jaguar onstage.

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John Watt

I just read the first replies from before.
I see you are asking admin to change the title so it's a Delicious Grace thread.
I think it's too late.
You should start a Delicious Grace thread, because this one doesn't have your first video.
The guitar playing still has an unexpected quality to it, with a nice tone and sound.


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Hello everybody. We've got a new song out called ''Desperate''. We tried to give an 80's feel to it. Hope you guys enjoy it.