Desekratewhore - Canadian Metal

John Watt

"any feedback is welcome" How about some Jimi style? "Desekratewhore". Jimi was cool, he was hip, and he used volume for effect. Not unlike the travels of finding your mind floating between layers of gradually waving sound, one in your left ear, the other coming in from the right, floating, moving, as the angel flies on, flying on, as the fluttering rises together out of the top of your head and disappears into your inner space.

Jimi never used the word "*****" or "desecrate". A ***** isn't a ***** unless you've been desecrated, truly evil, and desecrated is really a non-consecrated term, as in religion. Jimi talked about "Electric Church", but he was about peace and love, unless he was angry about his "house" being burned down.

I'm seeing enough not to listen, even though I welcome you here, this domain an easy intellectual upgrade.
type on... my little singer.

Thanks for the free censoring.


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By feedback we meant, preferably some sort of opinion on the music. The name is not meant to be taken as simply a form of vulgarity. In order to avoid further illogical assumptions, it is partially an homage to the song "Desecrator" by Exhorder and partially out of our own originality with the name, since it has been used a number of times. Our music focuses mainly on combining all of our influences together from the genres of black metal, thrash metal, and heavy metal in general. If you take a moment to look into the genres themselves you will find that there are a lot of strong opinions placed forward. Music is not meant to be about censoring yourself and your thoughts because someone may not approve of it.

Thank you for your elaborate and completely relevant review of your euphoric Jimi Hendrix experience.

Thanks Teddy for the welcome.

John Watt

You're right, I was just riffing of your name, assuming "death metal" was part of your influences.
There has to be an attempt to impact with vulgarity, with such a name, so thanks for accepting my feedback.

To be open and honest with you, I'm having difficulty coming up with a name for a new business,
doing artwork and making signs like I used to, pre-computers. I'm thinking "The Imagine Nation",
but maybe it's too cute or corporate, or someone has heard of it too many times.
That's when I make my favorite profits, someone running with one of my ideas.
My new band with my new guitar, a partial invention, should be called "gigsters".
I know, gig for gigs just like beat for beatles, but it went through all domain and name checks.
I'm sure your name went through right away also.

But worse than riffing off your name, I'll bring some headphones here and review your music.
Don't worry. I can't see anyone tossing you in a hole and throwing lime all over you.