Dirty politics (Russia)


Commodore of Impending Doom II
As the media has cried out lately.. Alexander Litvinenko died a little while ago after taking in some radioactive chemical at a sushi restaurant.

Well.. as it is.. all eyes are on Putin, as the man behind it.

But what other possibilities might lie behind it?
This is only theory.. but if I was an opponent to Putin. Like Yukos, some mob syndicate or other that have a thorn in his side. Well.. if I would be playing it dirty I would indeed go for my opponents opponents. No one would blame you and all reason would be to blame Putin.

Not that I say that he wouldn't do it... but as I see it, Putin is propably one of the most clever politicians in the grand diplomacy game we've going. Putin would be aware of the consequences of nuking a guy like Alexander Litvinenko.

3rd possibility.. Alexander Litvinenko hate for Putin could be so high, he would be willing to risk his own life. Who knows.


Commodore of Impending Doom II
there's also rumors going that it is the oligarc Boris Berezovskij that might be behind it. He was close to power under Jeltsin, but was taken away from influence when Putin came to power. Fled Russia in 2000 to escape trials of money lawndering. Was close to Alexander Litvinenko as well. Well... there are many that could have had their interests. Either to get rid of Putin or for Putin to get rid off.

Of course Putin might as well have been behind it.. and let Kremlin blame some one else for being after his ass. At least if it him, he are both sending out a signal to those who oppose him and he would as well be covering his tracks pretty well.

But even though Russian government might be close to fascism.. Putin is still democratically elected and is independent of his peoples approval.

So for domestic political values the killing of both Litvinenko and Politkovskaja can be pretty bold moves.

Israelian sources, Leonid Nevzlin (former board member of Yokos) claim that it might be Yokos that might be behind it. He claims that he had previously had a meeting with Litvinenko, giving him documents about the company.

One thing that can be concluded is that Litvinenko, was propably out playing with some bad guys...


Commodore of Impending Doom II
Litvinenko case hits Berezovsky; Blair urges caution

don't know if people find russian politics interesting.
For some reason I find the faith of Russia/Putin quite fascinating. Even though Putin can be a fascist prick, I'd say that removing a guy like him from a country like Russia, could have dire consequences. So far he is the best alternative, even though his actions in for an example the Chechnya province could be discussed.

Keeping together the strings of a country like Russia is not a sissy-job. It's a hardcountry with a lot of corruption in it.
Before being able to be a fully fledged democracy some internal issues have to be dealt with. So basically.. it calls for strong harsh leadership until corruption has settled. This is not only of influence to Russia, because russian crime syndicates has their roots deep down into a lot of countries all around the world, in each continent.