England leaving the Euro zone

John Watt

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I took more than a day away, bike-hiking around the peninsula,
trying to heal, trying to calm down and get over what happened in Leamington.
Officers visited me in Welland yesterday,
and now, when I try to phone any police,
I get a voice asking if I'm all right and do I want a police presence right away.

I decided to visit Magle.dk and leave it here, for tonight.

There seems to be a provincial police awareness that online isn't working for them,
and my contentions about proprietary sovereignty for Ontario are taken seriously.
They were surprised to be told Ontario online is owned and secured by Americans,
in America. They have a hard time finding themselves online to make reports.
Plus more, for the threadists who kneed to know, until they stood on their own.

I hadta type that line!