Enochian Theory - Debut album out now via Mascot Records!


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Enochian Theory are proud to announce that their major label debut release via Mascot Records, ‘Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio’ is now available worldwide.
It’s available through every major outlet including Amazon, Play.com, and HMV as well as digitally through sites like iTunes
The album has received rave reviews in the press from all across the globe including praise from Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson and Porcupine Tree’s Steve Wilson.
In the build up to its release, the band has played at several festivals in mainland Europe including Progpower Europe 2009 in Holland and co-headlining the second stage of MetalCamp 2010 in Slovenia.
They’ve also supported the likes of Katatonia, The Butterfly Effect and are just completing an extensive tour of Europe with prog legends Spocks Beard.
Check them out at the links below and show your support for the band by ordering your copy today.