Ephemeral Mists - A Parallel Consciousness

John Watt

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I got a psybient side psychill just giving it some side-eye. Nice!
The very public graphics are there, but this is an abandoned generating station,
no music or even armature whirs.
The power that carried this posting came from further down the street.

www.johnwatt.ca "moving clouds2" a lower button, just fotos and font

back atcha
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John Watt

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I've kept an eye out here, waiting to see a reply or another video, very moving.

There's a beach in the south of Africa, where every year,
a pod of whales visits at night, and waits, one elephant herd migrates, and waits.
When the sun rises, until the sun sets, they call back and forth with each other.

This is a better link to a structure and light show, where I see an Egyptian influence.

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