Fave heavy metal band?


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If I go by how many recordings of said band I own and listen to, my favorites would be
Mr. Bungle
King Diamond

I'm sure there are others I have missed.
But if I go by what I've been listening to the most lately--
Pantera (again)
Fear Factory
Lamb of God

i've been slowly working my way into the more extreme metal and death metal categories lately--not enough to have favorites yet.


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Metallica releases a new metal rock album in September 2008:

Death Magnetic

It has been almost five years since their latest album


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Ehm.... Favorite?
Difficult, very difficult.....
You might say I worship the dead in the form of Dimebag Darrel or Chuck Schuldiner.
You might say I'm totally impressed with Devil driver...
You might even say Meshuggah kicks ass!
Sepultura... Edge of Sanity...
Morbid Angel....
Killswitch Engage (am I even allowed to call that metal?)...

In the end....... I have no favorites, I can't even settle on a favorite genre of music ;)


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there's so many great heavy metal bands, really. I steer clear of the heavyest, though, but have really discovered the genre of symphonic metal lately, and especially the band Epica. Also Silentium is good. As goes for 80's inspired metal (in my ears, at least), Dio is great. And Def Leppard etc., if that counts as metal?


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For me it would have to be Iron Maiden. They were pretty consistant from, "Number of the Beast" to "Powerslave" and had arguably the best guitar team the genre has ever seen. They also started out with a damn good drummer in Clive Burr and upon his departure, some may say upgraded with Nicko Mcbrain. Bruce Dickinson was the best thing to ever happen to that band, I dare mention.


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still black sabbath. but to be honest, few songs make me feel like iron maiden's "hallowed be thy name" on the live after death.


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Thats a tough question because so many bands make me want to bang my head. But, in my mind your favorites are the ones you keep going back to time and time again over the years. So, in no particular order:

Sabbath w/OZZY-Although Heaven and Hell is definitely a masterpiece.
EARLY Metallica-1st 3 Albums
Ozzy solo w/Randy on guitar
Iron Maiden-Everything up to Seventh Son
Judas Priest
CELTIC FROST-Have you heard the "Monotheist" CD they came out with in 2006? Whoa!
Venom (ok theyre pretty much a joke-but damn!)

Many more get honorable mention.


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i'm discovering slayer, judas priest and other things thanks to deezer. i've always been a black sabbath fan, and yes, only the ozzy line-up. i purchased my sg mainly because of toni iommi i guess. i have to listen to heaven and hell again.


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For me i would say Lamb of God as an overall favorite, especially since their new album has come out.

But also high up on my list i would say: Dimmu Borgir and Eluveitie


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I just discovered Stryper and now have 15 albums in about 5 weeks time. Of them all I would say the absolutely best single album is Second Coming, which is remakes of many of their 1980s hits with better sound and a more mature voice from Michael Sweet. But it is all good. Perhaps my least favorite is Reborn followed by In God We Trust. Against the Law is pretty awesome as are most of the rockers on their first three albums. And they the last three albums are all great too. Another great album is The Covering, which is covers of major metal bands with one Stryper original:

1."Set Me Free"Sweet (1974)3:45
2."Blackout"Scorpions (1982)3:58
3."Heaven and Hell"​ ​Black Sabbath (1980)6:11
4."Lights Out"​ ​UFO (1977)3:45
5."Carry On Wayward Son"Kansas (1976)5:16
6."Highway Star"​ ​Deep Purple (1972)5:45
7."Shout It Out Loud"Kiss (1976)3:15
8."Over the Mountain"Ozzy Osbourne (1981)4:21
9."The Trooper"Iron Maiden (1983)3:53
10."Breaking the Law"​ Judas Priest (1980)3:02
11."On Fire"E. Van Halen (1978)3:08
12."Immigrant Song"​ ​Led Zeppelin (1970)2:18
13."God"M. ​S​tryper (2011)4:55
Total length:53:21

On other albums they covered Boston's Peace of Mind (Stryper frontman Michael Sweet toured with Boston for several years), and Earth, Wind and Fire's Shining Star.
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Still totally onto Stryper. They are awesome, and some of Michael Sweet's solo work and the Sweet & Lynch albums really are great. Also in 1998 Oz Fox cut an album with Timothy Gaines and a couple other guys. Check it out: