Favorite piano music


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I heard a piece of music recently by Eric Satie(sp?) called Gymnopedie or something close. I liked it. Anyone have pianists they like to listen to?


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You mean pianists or piano music?, Anyway, I can name
50 piano composers and 50 pianists I like very much.


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There are three at my church I like listening to who play the piano.
Especially Paul Harris and his wife Cynthia. His brother is excellent
with Beethoven's music.
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The Gymnopedies are very pretty.
Two big piano works that are my absolute favorites are "Vingt Regards sur l'enfant Jesus" by Olivier Messiaen, and Paul Hindemith's "Ludus Tonalis", which you might like if you enjoy Satie. I find they take me on a very similar journey inward. Hindemith's solo piano sonatas are excellent as well (Glenn Gould on my recordings).


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There is alot of piano music I like. Rachmaninov, Beethoven, Chopin and I also like Brahams and Mozart. There are so many pianists to choose from, two of my particular favourites are Daniel Barenboim and Vladimir Ashkenazy. I wish I could play like any of them.


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I particularly love Rachmaninov's second piano concerto and Beethoven's fifth.

I'm not sure that I have any particularly favourite pianist.


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Few of my favoirites are Tchaikovskiy's Piano Concerto No 1 (as I have mentioned before, wonderfully performed by Evgenia Rubinova, who is one of my favorite pianists),
and few Beethoven's pieces (not sure of the names, can never get the numbers right ;((( )

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Rachmaninoff's 3rd Piano Concerto and Tchaikovsky's 2nd Piano Concerto. It would be quite a powerful concert program with the pairing of those two.

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Ross Bolleter's Secret Sandhills, which Ross plays himself, on six ruined pianos.

[SIZE=-1]Michèle Bokanowski's [/SIZE]Pour Un Pianiste[SIZE=-1] which is an electroacoustic piece. The piano source sounds are played by [/SIZE]Gérard Frémy.

To honor the recently deceased, one of my favorite solo piano pieces, [SIZE=-1]Klavierstück IX, which you can download here.

And finally, the very tasty [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]Soci[/SIZE]é[SIZE=-1]t[/SIZE]é II, [SIZE=-1]Et si le piano était un corps de femme,[/SIZE][SIZE=-1] which has a prominent piano part. This is by Luc Ferrari, whom I much admire, more than Stockhausen, but his death two years ago went practically unnoticed.