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I'm trying to gather some feedback on our website.

It's fully functional, and it should be working on all browsers, including the i-family (ipad, iphone, etc). Android inclusive.

We do plan to have some more things implemented (like an extra page for the shops where one can get our scores, a newsletter place, etc), but right now there's no time from our webdesigner.

Do you see anything standing out as 'bad', or 'tasteless' or even 'dangerous'? since it's also a web shop security is most important, and we do have an SSL certificate for the webshop areas and payment goes through paypal, not our own shop.

In any way, all comments are most welcome (including comments for the music should you have the time to listen some more).



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Had a quick look it seems well done but my days of purchasing music is past so I am not really much help, sorry.


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No, it's ok. And I'm not hoping to gain sales from here! ;) I'm hoping to get this vibe of 'seems well done'. I just want to see people's reaction!

And thanks for all your posts so far J!


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Hey Nikolas,

Seems well done :cool: I particularly liked the slideshow. You might wanna add a couple more pics.


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Thanks MAt,

I hope to add more pictures as they come, but the publishing house is quite new (launched a little more than a month ago), so there's tons of time to gather more photos, little by little! :D