Fender Squier Jazz Bass


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I've got a Fender Squier jazz bass which I got second-hand some time ago, but I don't know whether it's a Standard model or an Affinity model. Is there any way of telling which it is?



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Hello JohnBurnel,

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I'm not myself familiar with the Fender music instrument line and models. Hoping someone else here is and will chime in shortly.

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Welcome to the forum. About the Fender bass. Check out the model
number and look up Fender's catalog on line to find out if it is for real
or not. I used to play a stratacaster that was black. I just loved it.
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A Fender Squier, eh! That can be very good. When CBS bought out Fender in '65, they changed the design many times with many models. Most of these guitars weren't sounding or as playable as the original. Getting back to the original design, CBS fired up the original assembly line in '72-'74 to make retro budget "Squier" series. If you have one of those, it's as good as a Leo Fender. When CBS brought out the two screw and allen key adjustable neck, I was sitting with the owner of Central Music watching him move the necks back and forth, sending four out of five back. Ibanez was the first offshore company contracted to make guitars for CBS, but that fell apart and those Ibanez are just as nice, if not better, than the "this year's" model. Good luck. as always, John Watt. tuneUupL8r!