Film Soundtrack Survey


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Nice survey ... and done. Will be interesting to see the results after all the data has been collected.


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Thanks guys, but so far I only have had 6 people fill it out, yet I see that 43 people have looked at this thread. I promise you that it only takes a short amount of time, please do so if your twiddling your thumbs!
So far I've had some mixed results, but as I say not enough for my assignment just yet:p


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. . . yet I see that 43 people have looked at this thread . . .

Actually, that's 43 "views", some of which (34 so far) have been slurp spiders (bots) perusing web sites.

It's a worthy cause though and I'm hoping more members here will take this simple survey to help see this project through to completion. :up:


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Music completely affects the whole watching experience. Good thing there are affordable home surround sound systems these days.


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Hey, I've got a total of 34 results from various forums. It's not much but it is difficult to get people to do surveys online, so anyway here are the results!
Age No. Ticked
Under 15 1
15 - 18 5
19 - 25 13
26 - 39 7
40 - 59 6
60 and Over 2

Gender No. Ticked
Male 25
Female 7

Genre of Film No. Ticked
Action/Adventure 18
Horror 10
Thriller 10
Comedy 15
Rom-Com 3
Musical 4
Other 8

Biggest Influence No. Ticked
Actors Involved 6
Director 4
Soundtrack 4
Visuals 2
Story/Genre 22

Watch a Film with Good
Soundtrack Despite other Bad Factors No. Ticked

Yes 17
No 12
Don’t Know 3
Other 2

How Much does music Contribute? No. Ticked
Not At All 0
Not Much 2
No Opinion 0
Quite Alot 23
Completely 9

Times Been to the cinema
in last 6 months No. Ticked

Not at All 9
1 Time 2
2 Times 5
3 Times 7
4 or 5 5
5 - 10 6

How Many Films
watched a Week No. Ticked

None 1
1 - 5 25
6 - 10 6
Over 10 2

Films At Home
diminish Impact of Film? No. Ticked

Yes 11
No 23

And this is the list of films that people have thought had a memorable Score:
The Beach
Requiem of a Dream
Memoirs of a Geisha
Mission Impossible
Mr Bean’s Holiday
Inglourious Basterds
Last of the Mohecans
Barry Lyndon
500 Days of Summer
Layer Cake
First Knight
Lord of the Rings
The Dark Knight
Being John Malkovich
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
The Little Prince
I am Legend
Star wars
Saving Private Ryan
Star Wars
2001 A Space Odyssey
The Secret Garden
Ben Hur
Dr Zhivago
Slumdog Millionaire
Mission impossible

Interesting Results I think you'll agree?:grin:


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Well done on your survey, they are interesting results. It seems that most people watch films at home. Given the systems there are to buy now, and the price of cinema tickets, I suppose that is not too surprising.