Firefox 29 problems


Did the update to FF29 this morning, having quite a few problems, had to set font sizes on just about every web site and forum, I've lost some of the Navigation buttons, including "Reload", "Stop" and "Forward" among others, they don't even appear in the panel showing available button options, all I can get is "back" and "Home".

I've gone round in circles fighting my way through FAQs, Help pages, Customise, Options and anything else that seems likely, in the Customise Help pages there is a link to "lost buttons" which leads you through a few other pages until you complete the circle back where you started with nowt accomplished.

I even tried System Restore to try and get FF28 back, but as dealt with in a previous thread that still don't work, not even going back as far as March trying every supposed restore point..


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I wonder if that relates to my problem? I installed add block from one of Mats links and it worked a treat came back about 3 hrs later and just could not use any www short cuts and could not get online through FF. I had to do a compleat DELL restore and at this stage have have not reinstalled FF, to do a compleat restore is a pain in the A**e as it wipes everything of the PC, a normal window restore could not fix. It will take days to get back to normal.


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Teach I just tried Chrome for the second time and ditched it, reason = too lazy to start learning all over again.
@Mike ...that would not fix the problem I had with FF Mike