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FISH ON FRIDAY returns with ‘Airborne’, a very enjoyable sophomore CD. All 12 songs are perfectly composed, melodic and well-arranged. The high class is evident again. It sounds like a continuation of globally satisfying style with influences from Alan Parsons Project, Ambrosia, Barclay James Harvest, The Moody Blues and Pink Floyd to offer a rich musical landscape… :cool:
The core members of this Belgian group are William Beckers (keyboards, percussion) and Frank van Bogaert (keys, acoustic guitar, singing), who’re supported by Marcus Weymaere (drums), Marty Townsend (guitars), Bert Embrechts (bass), Dany Caen (b/v), Chantal Kashala (b/v). There are some guest musicians with a backline of talents to help out on ‘Airborne’ too… :)

This is a competent release by a competent outfit. And if you’re tired of what majority of s.c. established progressive bands are doing, then take a chance and check Fish On Friday out!

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John Watt

oh no... no... I have to comment... even if I don't want to.
I'm not going to listen, that's for sure.
"Fish on Friday"???? oh... that hurt a little, typing four question marks in a row, unheard of.
I never even typed two question marks together before.
Fish for Friday used to be line-ups outside of fish and chip shops in the late seventies.
When the line-ups went away, it became fish and chip Friday specials, some also for lunch.
After that, it was the fish that went away.
And why, oh why, in the world of graphic arts, do you make the "On" more decorative than "Fish" and "Friday".

So I'm deeply fished out, expecting something about cathechism, and lo and behold, what do I see,
a young boy with his back to us, running towards a jet airliner.
Now, the jet airliner could be taking off or coming in for a landing.
No, no, I'm sorry, I still can't see if wondering if the airliner is landing or taking off,
is worth a concept album, or even some cover intrigue.
Now Prog Head is saying Belgium, and as far as this, let's say Scottish, person has to say,
it seems everyone from Belgium is a descendant of royalty, and I believe them.
I like this album already, especially if EddieRUKiddingVare can type "very nice".
That runway keeps going up into the distant mountains.
Where's my ticket?

Prog Head

Fish On Friday will release their new album titled 'Black Rain' (due to be out on April, 17th).

FOF (front cover).jpg FOF 2020 (back).jpg
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