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Another discovery who gave me a great deal of listening pleasure is FLEESH from Brazil. Initially, I thought the duo of female singer Gabby Vessoni and multi-instrumentalist Celo Oliveira are beginners, however it turns out they have been recording quality music for some years now. Their latest offering 'What I Found’ attracted my eyes for this creative collaboration, so I’m going to tell you about them. By and large, if you appreciate the likes of Mostly Autumn, Karnataka, Cloud Atlas and maybe Iona, then you should find much to enjoy here. Occasionally, a Marillion type reference pops up and there are Gilmour-like treatments. Add to that a little dose of friendly pop-rock and you get the formula a melodic atmosphere under the Fleesh banner. Yes, some influences are more obvious than others, but in the main all the songs have their own identity being mellow throughout. The music on CD 'What I Found' is perfectly balanced between vocals and instruments. Each progression takes its time to develop the beautifully structured material featuring the right amount of exquisite guitar lines, tasty keyboards, clear rhythmic backdrop and gorgeous vocal parts. Gabby Vessoni has a magic touch to her voice to increase the impact of songs. Celo Oliveira never gets too self-indulgent and everything he delivers just increases the impact of each individual composition in the right places. Together, this talented tandem provides a real treat. As result, I cannot pick particular piece as my favourite because all of them are considered to be winners. It’s highly likely your personal faves will differ to mine, such is the quality of songs on here. There’s plenty of depth to give this album a lasting impression and guarantee plenty of repeat listens in the future. RECOMMENDED! :)


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