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Here's Scottish TV, 4 seasons of "The Jazz Series", 21 programmes each aproximately 25 minutes duration. (nearly 9 hours viewing)

Obviously mainly UK based performers, but not exclusively!

Season 1 presented by Annie Ross of Lambert Hendricks and Ross
Season 2 presented by George Chisholm (trombone)
Seasons 3 & 4 by Ronnie Scott


To follow the series chronologicaly return to the above linked page at the end of each video, that should make sure you don't miss any.


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Good one Mat I have started one for Classical


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Hi Mat,
Petrucciani was brilliant; not least for the manner in which he overcame disablement
resulting from the genetic disease he suffered from.
His fingers moved like lightning.


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Couldn't understand the TV presenters' language possibly Russian or east European, film is B&W, piano has "Petrof" prominently displayed, so some clues.

It's certainly not Russian. It sounds more like Italian to me.

@ John. Yes, brilliant is a good word here. When I first heard him I had no idea he was disabled. Does it even matter anyway?

Stan Getz:


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John. I have had that CD in my collection for quite a few years and when I saw the time duration on the video clip I just realised that it is over 19 minutes! I never checked that before. Like all great jazz it is so absorbing that the time seems to just fly in!


1:18:29 of the one and only Wes Montgomery in 3 sessions, first with piano Pim Jacobs, Drums Han Bennink, bass Ruud Jacobs (all dutch) for first half hour. Next Arthur Harper Bass, Harold Mabern Piano, Jimmy Lovelace drums, 3rd session intro by Ronnie Scott, Stan Tracey piano, Rick Laird bass, Jackie Dougan drums


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