Full-length YT videos

John Watt

I'm semi-blissed, and I'll get blissed out when I return.
Beautiful thread with lots to listen to.

I might only hang in with the jazz for so long, before I look at "Rock Ness".
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Excellent stuff Mat. I prefer my Corea akoustic. John Patitucci is no slouch on bass either.


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Yes, definitely akoustic! I don't care much for some of his later... experiments. He came to Poland a couple years ago and played a gig with McLuaghlin. I attended the concert but got kinda disappointed. It was too electric and too far from mainstream.

How about some Diana?



Found a real long 'un 6 hours, solo piano, trio and ensemble, with a complete playlist with start time of tracks, artists include Shearing, Brubeck, Tatum, Corea, Flanagan, Mann, and loads I've not heard of before, also quite a few by "DONT KNOW":smirk:


Start it playing, open other tabs so you can keep working and still listen, pause when you go make coffee,