George Melly dies


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Jazz singer and author George Melly has died at his London home at the age of 80, his wife Diana has announced.

The flamboyant performer had been diagnosed with lung cancer and vascular dementia, a condition which affects the brain after small strokes. Despite his illness, the jazz veteran was still appearing on stage in the weeks leading up to his death.


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A man of wit and taste,in everything but clothing and humour.....R.I.P. Mr. Melly thanks for all the entertainment.

on a lighter note I have heard they have had trouble getting a coffin to fit the great man............'cause his feets too big........:eek: ;) :grin: I will get my coat.......


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Picked up a double album of Melly over the weekend – such great fun to listen to and some classic jazz performances, not least Georgia Brown.