Goodbye America, wherever you are...

Corno Dolce

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Through my life I have gotten to know some great Americans as personal friends and I have very close contact with them despite Congress, Senate, and Administration trying to screw everything up.

Now with Obama trumpeting about how the sanctions have hurt Russia, my Russian compatriots and I understand that Washington is off its meds. The Russian people lived through a 73 year epoch of Radical Evil and utter privation. No sanctions that America and Europe employ can hurt Russia. I thank God for Putin's leadership that is fostering a very healthy and growing middle-class from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, the people who voted for Putin in the first place. The middle-class has all but disappeared in America. The number of poor people in America is at 66 million, up from 45 million during the Bush years. Congrats America, you got the leader you deserved! America, I leave you now with a quote by Samuel Adams:

Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say "what should be the reward of such sacrifices?" Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!
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Americans also have concerns about our government. In a land of liberty it is not always clear what we can do about it. More often we vote against someone rather than for someone. In Denmark do you feel you are voting for good choices much of the time?
Americans also wonder why NATO can't help one of their neighbors without waiting to hear what our government has to say about that. I learned long ago to admire the Russian passion for art and science. It seems they also have a difficult time finding politicians that selflessly respect their higher aspirations for the greater good.
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As bad as America may seem to us and to all others, it still remains my choice of residence over all other countries, except maybe for Denmark where my roots are ... well, my family roots.

We have, as a country, many many faults ... I'm certain that most other countries also have their own internal faults ... there are still starving people inside Russia as well as America, the UK, and many others.

I tend to remain neutral as far as politics go - I'm registered as an Independent here in the US for voting purposes - I refuse to be associated with either major political party as all they do is sling mud at each other; instead of promoting what they are going to to for their country they persist in only bad mouthing the competitor and saying how bad that person is .. etc etc, ad nauseum. I never vote for any incumbent. I also believe that there should be term limits for Congress just as there are for the office of president.

But that's me ... and only my opinion. People will choose to live wherever on earth life takes them. I'm happy that CD had found solace and comfort within Russia ... I think he's certainly found his musical niche there as well. I have no disrespect for him leaving my country ... that is his will, and his alone, and I am glad that he has found his "home".

I've found that the US, despite all its problems, is the best place for me to call "home".


If you want a totally gutless country try England, I admire France in that they always do what is best for the French, and sod everyone else. We could do with someone here who puts the English first. Our only hope at the moment is UKIP.



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As far as the Ukraine goes they should sort it out themselves both Russia and the USA keep out of it, now Isis which is a disgusting group of misfits should be the target for the rest of the world to unite against, but that is just my opinion.


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As far as the Ukraine goes they should sort it out themselves both Russia and the USA keep out of it . . .

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Colin. The US continues to stick its nose into other people's business all to often. Would the Ukraine ever help the US in a time of need? Probably not ... but that's just my opinion.

We have enough of our own problems, a failing infrastructure, crumbling roads, bridges, freeways (motorways), starving and the homeless in the US. But when Congress convenes, there is never "any money" for those things, but there are billions and billions available for sticking our noses into other things that will not help any situation within our own country.


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An old saying "Charity begins at home" not quite the same thing but you know what I mean.


We are giving billions away to countries who are better off than us but cutting our armed services and have some of the worst roads in Europe???????????????????????????????????????????????
Still, I expect the will increase road tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Our state legislature 'stole' funds from the HURF fund (highway user revenue fund) in order to balance the states budget in other areas. Those monies were to be used solely for road repair in the state of Arizona.

There is talk about raising the taxes on gasoline at local, county and state levels. I am concerned that we will only be filling to coffers of the state general fund instead of ear marking those funds for what they were intended, which would be a violation of state law.


This has been happening here for many years Lars. If all the money raised for road tax, fuel tax car tax and insurance for car btax was used for the roads they would be gold plated. The motorist is just a cash cow.



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Look at all the money you will save when the Scots go it alone


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There's a thread on a UK photo forum re the Scottish referendum currently at 67 pages and 1321 posts! Started in February.

John Watt

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How Corno Dolce describes Russia from the inside is what I could say about Scotland, almost.
But I won't, even if I know the amount and why.
There is a strange movement growing in Welland,
as shown by a mayoral candidate's sign, that says

John Watt
Your Vote.

After losing battles and not holding territories, the King of England decided to unite all his soldiers, all his mercenaries,
over fifty-thousand men, and attack a Scottish city, slaughtering them on the way to other cities.
This city had 5,000 people, with most of the men of fighting age away fighting elsewhere.
This city also featured a long diagonal bridge over a river, why it was there.
When the English King attacked, he was horrified.
He saw the old men, women and children, slaughtering the third of his army that crossed the bridge.
The bridge collapsed, sending another third into the river.
The cries of over 15,000 men drowning in their heavy armour,
made the soldiers with the king turn and run away.
When this King of England got back to his throne he passed a new law,
saying no English king should ever attack Scotland because God is on their side.
Seeing them coming, the bridge was cut with pegs installed.

After the ravages of the Dark Ages had passed, and Scots people journeyed below Hadrian's Wall,
they saw a population that was weak, slow and stunted, with black death vestiges.
Scottish people invented dual citizenship so they could be hired for government,
helping to build the lowlands back up.

The amount that disappeared from a government account as predatory computer activity,
that promoted this desire to separate systems from conjoined European and American systems,
was $600,000 as Canadian funds.
Isn't it nice, how the online banking community let Greece and Iceland recover?
That's why the next war America starts will be for the water.
Everyone knows the money is just some fast electrical flash.
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That's why the next war America starts will be for the water.
Everyone knows the money is just some fast electrical flash.

Watt currency will The Bank of Scotland be using John? :grin:

John Watt

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This independence talk was just a very easy global attention grab.
Did you notice the Scottish Prime Minister was 54 and his wife is 76?

I'm here to do what I can to share what is happening, and JHC,
when I come back tonight, if I can,
I will tell you about a new medical phenomena others are showing and complaining about.

The following is a Facebook cut-and-paste that became a folder I sent to event, debate and news media.

Am I ever glad my computer is working tonight. If it wasn't windy and rainy I'd be out on a long distance bike-hike.
I need it. They're calling me.
For the first time in my life, I am hearing other people say they are arguing about voting for me,
in businesses and homes. I don't like that. I'm not doing that. That's not where I'm at. I have to explain.
The first time I said these things was as a protest mayoral candidate in 1985.
I knew I had a solution for everyone's problems, even if my being captain left others in their, uh, wake.
Who cares if my Scottish profile takes a hit?
You have to admit, taking a hit and seeing my family take hits defines my life after 1985.
Over three generations of Welland media and social services have been calling me a rat.
I've been called a rat by the same people when I was in grade school.
Without describing any legal actions that could be street, club, business, municipal, provincial and federal,
let me put this in my perspective.
When I had the money to pay for 5,000 copies of a four-page, single-spaced campaign statement,
the printer read them and gave me 21,000, saying that's the number of voters in Welland.
Yvette Ward called the police and I was arrested (provincial) and arrested again three months later (federal).
A year later, all charges were dropped, as Judge Leslie Baldwin said, because "there wasn't a scintilla of evidence".
After that I was re-arrested on both charges.
I didn't get to go to Toronto and record with a friend from St. Catharines, Ron Sexsmith,
or tour France and Japan in a month. Ron won his first Juno later that year.
After a year, charges were dropped.
I have never called the police on any member of the Ward family.
I have never tried to press anything against them.

What does that make me?
A mayor or a martyr?
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On what charge were you arrested John?
We have just had our general election and the government that sold half of our assets, widened the rich to poor gap, sold land and farms to China, allowed the recently privatised power companies to charges as they saw fit etc Yes they have been re-elected by a very strong majority and now are to take the tea breaks away from workers and ensure that union agreements with companies do not have to be honored if it is detrimental to the company.

"Its the same the whole world over ain't it all a bleedin shame, its the rich that gets the pleasure and the poor that get the blame"


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Locally, a thrift/charity shop manager tried (unsuccessfully) to use federal standards for breaks and lunches, telling the volunteers that they were not to take a break until after working 5 hours. Most of the volunteers are elderly ... 70+ in age, and most don't have the capacity of Hoover Dam to hold off runoff from the streams above, if you get my drift.

After doing that, some volunteers quit and said goodbye. So, the paid manager, who is entitled to breaks and lunches per federal laws, no longer can take those because of lack of volunteer staff. Moral of the story: Don't piss off the volunteers ... :lol:

Now then, if those people were paid for their work, that is another matter entirely.


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Quote so Lars, now one thing that I forgot to mention the "TTP" Transpacific Trade Partnership agreement with the USA (not yet a done thing) but is at the top of this governments list, one of the conditions says that any decision or act taken by the government at any time that affects adversely any US company in NZ will be open to claims made by that company and the NZ government must make full retribution, what on earth happened to a thing called "Business risk" ??????

John Watt

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This mayoral election is completely different for me. It's a busy thing all by itself.
The biggest change is police action that is aggressively helping me.
But even getting close to being a professional politician isn't easy in Welland.
I'm having a hard time learning the difference between staying in because I said I would,
and saying in because somebody else told me to.
I'm having problems staying in because I told myself to.
But that's okay.
Walking around Welland, the little chirps from the back wheels of electric police cars I can't hear,
when they come up behind me, letting me know they are there,
make up for the animal and bird sounds I would hear if I was out on a bike-hike.

As my political campaign finally, finally starts to become self-generating,
all this electoral attention has allowed a greater travel path for me.
What does all this extra energy inspire me to say about my Watt ancestors?
Back then, they didn't need to package it to deliver.
I'm getting there, my friends.

JHC! When I first was handing out campaign statement identifying criminals,
I was arrested for federal defamatory libel laws, usually associated with an act of treason.
That law was used as if a non-elected resident's feelings were hurt, a known crime family matriarch,
so I couldn't deliver the 21,000, four page campaign statements already printed out,
or say or write her name anywhere.
A panel of judges in robes and war medals came to Welland to sit in on an appearance,
and later removed that law from the books.
The province of Ontario created and passed two new laws based on my Welland experience.
The head crown attorney had to retire, and his crown attorney son, a judge and a crime family member were arrested for cocaine with intent to sell, money-laundering and home invasion. I had never met any of them.

It's not nice not to be a protest candidate any more.
It's hard, leaving behind my previous strategy of failure, so easy to do.
At least it gave me something to lose.
Now that it's over, the only thing that's allowed is success.
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John Watt

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I've been walking around Welland as John Watt, Mayoral Candidate, and I've found myself in homes,
where I get joking around about not having man-boobs and lifting my shirt to show I don't have them.
That's a high seniority thing for steel workers to get into, heavy upper body work sagging.
That's what I thought I was picking up on, talking to very intense rooms of strangers.
I was telling caseworkers why am I joking about man-boobs and lifting my shirt to show I don't have any.

Last Wednesday I was approached by a man who said I was the mayoral candidate who was joking about man-boobs.
He said if I can make people laugh about it and lift up my shirt to show I don't have any,
he represents a group of men who would like to support me, help me and show me. He lifted his shirt for me.
What makes me cry as I'm walking away is the restraints, looking like medieval leather and wire bras.
They are being told if they complain they can lose benefits and housing.
I'm not calling them man-boobs. I'm calling them pectoral mutations, or mutated pectorals.

I included a description of this when I wrote an under the door letter for the executive director here.
All this sending about these men kept me up all night, and I was letting him know I'd do the three
hours of fill-in janitorial in the afternoon. When I came down after lunch, it was all new for me.
I've never seen it so busy, and people I thought were case-workers were showing me badges.

These are an identified but legally unrecognized group of medical and prescription victims.
I didn't know that. I wouldn't have thought people could do that to another person.
The harassment against me continued, and I was told to stay in my apartment.
Police were called later in the afternoon, detectives were there with others,
and I was told to look in the mail. I already got my mail during the day,
but I was told again to look in the mail, and there was a notice of a $200 direct deposit. Very nice!

I stayed in, even if they didn't tell me too. Now I know they are out there.
The young ones blame it on the same prescription drug from the hospital, starting in their twenties.
The older men, some older than my 63 years, blame it on the industrial chemicals they were sold,
instead of the almost pure cocaine and heroin the Tribune said local criminals sold,
when they were arrested but not convicted. Yeah, I'm not the only one saying that now.
The R.C.M.P. have been showing a video of one of the drug-dealers laughing and taunting
about all the chemicals they have made, none of it organic based. I haven't seen it.

You might wonder, if John felt he was being pressured into feeling like lifting his shirt,
what could be pressuring him into it?
If you were standing in a big house with four big men, over 6'4" and 300 pounds,
and they were standing there lifting up their shirt, showing you their man-boobs,
would you just stand there looking, trying to decide which ones you like the best,
or would want to show them you don't have any.

What amazed investigators was what I had to say the next day, why I was so torn up.
This same doctor did to me during one election, when I missed all public debates,
what he's doing to them, only for me it wasn't about making man-boobs.
That took the investigation from now to 1985.
The best part is all my hospital records prove more than I can say.
And that means I'm not just a protest mayoral candidate today.
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