Goodbye America, wherever you are...


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I feel for you John it must be tough perhaps Welland is due for a shake up.

John Watt

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Oh No! I feel you feeling for me, you Newzea you!
I'm here to say Welland seems to under some kind of lockdown.
Resident message that very little news is filtering out.
I'll be typing and publishing the start of a new domain tonight.
There were continuous street arrest one night, with a night of silence.
And then there were houses arrests, busy again.

a new narrative of John Watt online action.
Problems with Bell online and telephone allowed me to work the system.
I proved that an American company in America controlled Ontario online.
Bell tech in New Brunswick said it can't be, two days late emailed me, you're right.
Bell began changing Ontario protocols.
Proving Bell employees interfered with a municipal election in Welland,
now sees Bell building new systems for this new security reason,
saying all Bell Canada work is coming back within Canada.

A Bell rep went to Egypt to cancel "The Quebec Queue", all of Quebec's phone and online.
Bell Quebec built a city with schools and churches that Egyptians had to live in to work for Bell.
They were taught to write and speak French but only speak English.
The Egyptian government said that even though they are losing thousands and thousands of jobs,
they are happy to help make a Prince of Scotland happy, because he was crying for his country.
It has been rough. I've been crying a lot, and if I did I asked them to put it in my files, helping me.
The Egyptian government is closing the Bell Quebec city for demolition.

Police are using a new car, with a choice of gas or electric motor.
When I'm walking outside, it doesn't take a minute until I hear some little chirps.
When the police association asked me how I was feeling,
I said all the little chirping tires reminded me of the sounds of nature I hear on a bike-hike.

Criminals, serious criminals, who ran a city festival came back using different names.
That meeting, in city hall, got a little nuts.
Another mayoral candidate, a councilor, had a temper tantrum and almost ran me over,
in the back of the city hall parking lot as I was talking to a city hall guard.
He roared up his back wheels and spun some construction stones at us, fish-tailing away.

John Watt
or Martyr
Your Vote

Tomorrow morning, two radio stations.
The next day, one radio station.
And then a live webcast with local media owners,
the ones who co-operate with criminals and print lies about me.
I'm saying why interview. Give me any settlement and talk about a new newspaper for Welland.

This not only justifies my life, everything I've been suffering, waiting for the end,
it makes me feel really good and light-hearted. I'm carrying my beater acoustic and singing.


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By crikey John they seem a right lot of basardiosists I got onto Welland home page on the www thingy and you are mentioned but no details, it looks a nice place but as I said about my neighbor "Nice legs shame about the face" :grin:

John Watt

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JHC! Thanks for reminding me there is another world out there.
I haven't seen a newspaper for over a week or heard the news, even if I'm making it.

I wasn't ready to publish my domain, lots of unpublished pages.
But I used some of it so I could put up something about what's happening now.

Coming here to keep you informed is the only Magle activity I can squeeze in.
This is my first release of global content, I just never thought I'd be upgrading watts.
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John Watt

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Wow! Welland is changing. Some people are calling it a lockdown, saying everyone is getting arrested.
The police told a pizzeria employee one drug dealing restaurant was like a warehouse, taking over two days to catalogue.
There's going to be a first, a meeting in the Welland arena for candidates and the public, and I'm formally and subversively invited.
The local newspaper is printing nothing, and outside people describe news as filtering out of Welland.
I haven't played guitar for a few days, and I've got a nice, new song happening. An Owl Song. Not watt, but who.


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"I'm not dead yet." Well said john Lets hope you get a lot of support, Your web page/blog whatever it is (I am unsure) contains a lot of info I have started to read but my eyes are not so good so I have to do it in very small sessions (3-4 minutes)

John Watt

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JHC! I wouldn't expect you to read all that. I've started a new domain to comment on current events,
but there's still about twenty unpublished pages from before, so there's going to be a lot more.
The fact that it's legally on and I'm still walking and talking to keep building it, is the big news for me.

I'm not dead yet, was my slogan from the last election.

This time it's,

John Watt
Your Vote

Yeah, out in the hot political sun,
you take a little may your, as in may your wants come true,
add "art", meaning I are there, in between may and your to make martyr,
what is a definition of my political identity.

Chuck Lafleur, the newcaster for GIANT FM, said over the air that "John Watt is a great Canadian".
Now I have to try and figure out a way to prove that.
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Quote so Lars, now one thing that I forgot to mention the "TTP" Transpacific Trade Partnership agreement with the USA (not yet a done thing) but is at the top of this governments list, one of the conditions says that any decision or act taken by the government at any time that affects adversely any US company in NZ will be open to claims made by that company and the NZ government must make full retribution, what on earth happened to a thing called "Business risk" ??????

I was watching RT on Sky this morning and a simular thing is happening in
Britain but applies to corporations from any country not just USA, according to the presenter it is now world wide, so as with the bank failures that the poor old taxpayer had to bail out we now have to bail out any failed business corporation also hand in hand with this is the ever widening gap between the rich and the rest of us, in NZ bank workers going for a small increase to bring wages up to $30/hr are told (NO) the bank cannot afford it but the CEO is on over $2000/hr.
The stuff revolutions are made from.

John Watt

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An always part of my political speeches was saying I'm Americanizing you.
I would hold up a Starbucks book that is supposed to be only legal to see,
for Starbucks shareholders and regional managers, not even franchise owners.
Huge fines and jail times for anyone else found holding it.
And then I'd say something about plausible deniability, need to know, phased facts,
getting down on intellectual property.

I hope New Zealand doesn't find out the non-clear, not nuclear, policies of the disUnited States.

The election is over, my seventh, and the first time I wasn't hospitalized or arrested.
The former mayor and I talked seven times before the election,
and the new mayor offered me a ride and we talked for over half an hour.
Without having to heal or recover, it's a speedy transition to getting back to music and art.

It was strange, being in the middle of international and municipal police actions.
I didn't receive one nasty email, no nasty letters, no nasty phone calls,
without anyone threatening me in public, and email became just media invitations.

My favorite revolution is still 33 1/3.
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