Graham Butler's Dread Fascination

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‘DREAD FASCINATION’ is a brainchild of American musician/producer GRAHAM BUTLER. Fortunately, that does not mean his endless self-indulgence, 'hey listen to me' egotistical meanderings. :) Instead, a bunch of counterparts provide very strong support for their chairman who complements the full sound rather than simply trying to rule process. Kevin Pollack impersonates the lead singer (sort of a cross between Nick D’Virgilio and Neal Morse), Bill Franco (ex-Pavlov’s Dog) is around for guitar performance, Brandon Covelli with Jeroen Hendrix can be heard on additional keyboards, John Hegner and Peter Calo add piano and guitar respectively, Sarah Breidenbach delivers some backing vox. For this particular CD, Dread Fascination have come up with a punchy album. :cool: I’d describe the general approach like a slice of distinctive progressive credentials. In terms of structure, the musical content has apparent Spock's Beard resemblance, time after time interrupted by edgy riffs a’la Porcupine Tree. Such original mixture of well-known ingredients ensures some extra thrills. All accents are superbly executed, thus giving each song its own identity that’s catchy, dense and sensitive. There’s plenty of scope to explore a significant level of diversity and depth. The lyrics reflect a storyline pretty good. To summarize, I must confess - this incredible debut caught me by the throat. Another great find that will sit proudly on my CD-shelf.:eek:

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