Guns N' Roses


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Axl Rose has such a distinctive voice. I really like Guns and Roses and thought they were quite brave to cover "Knockin' on Heaven's door" and "Live and Let Die".

I don't think their sound is completely Heavy Metal, but seems to have other influences in there - perhaps even some punk ?


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I have to call myself a semi fan. I like 2 of thier cds and maybe a few songs from other albums. I have no idea what happened to them though. All of the sudden they were huge and people loved them, the next day you hear all kinds of rumors about Axle and then poof they were gone. I wouldnt mind seeing a comeback from them and would hope the music would have the same tone and standards that the former band did.


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Goodness me I thought GnR were finished a long time ago. Did their tour ever take place? It seemed to be delayed so many times it got comical and I think they lost a lot of respect for that. That said I must admit to liking their original albums and individual songs. Sweet child of mine was a great hit with my group of friends and Slash was one of the most looked up to rock Gods.


Not a big fan, but I have taught the piano part of November Rain to some students... :grin:


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Ok, I chime in with a musicians point of view (actually analyzed G&R as I've was contracted to head a G&R tribute show as the musical director). G&R was great at what they did, it takes great skill to find the balance of technicality and looseness like they did. From a musical point of view, they managed to be tight but loose .. it sounds like it is played "sloppy" (slash is a big contributer there) but remains within the tight domain.. a fine art in balance act.. too tight and it would have lost the attitude of rock n roll.. too loose and it falls apart. Very skillfully done! As for being geniuses, wouldn't think so... as for being astute musicians/businessmen and knowing how to surround themselves with the right people, absolutely! Only my view though, but when listening to interviews, looking at songs structure, lyrical content and the like, a genius is not something that comes to mind. Certainly smart enough to know exactly what is correct from a marketing point of view but.......


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I'll say this for 'em anyway, That first album had me hoping they'd stand the test of time and develope into an ATG rock band cause that was one hell of an impression. No one of a reasonable mindframe with at least an average ear for the recognition of quality music can dispute this. Had they remained consistant and remained together to the present they'd be widely considered one of the greatest ever. And when I say first album, I'm refering to the first LP. You should know what I'm talkin' about?


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well, i am hard core GNR fan! and i am proud of the fact that i like them, whether someone laughs or not, i give it a s%^t


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I think appetite for destruction is a masterpiece and I love use your illusion I too

John Watt

There I was, my sixty year old six octave self, invited to an open stage jam, the owner talking gig.
Even though I was the only professional musician there, still playing, I felt like a nerd with this rough crowd.
I picked on the biggest of them, a guy who got up and sang what could have been a song or rap.
After he sat down, I went up to him and said "how come you didn't sing that?" He said "What?"
So I leaned down into his ear and sang the long siren sound Axle sings for "Welcome to The Jungle".
He looked up, eyes shiny and trying to clear, nodding his head, his friends leaning in to see what's happening,
and he stood up hugging me, saying Axle Rose out loud, getting all the attention.

When Slash visited St. Catharines to see a radio d.j. friend of his, he was very friendly.
He stood outside for over two hours talking to anyone who was there, and revealed something.
He puts out new age jazzy product under a different name. That made sense to me, how melodic his riffage is.