HADAL SHERPA Debut Album 2017 (instrumental progressive rock from Finland)

John Watt

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That was a short clip, just over a minute long. It wasn't long enough.
I'm going to type Jex Thoth and Kenotikon, just because those names are cool.

That short clip might get everyone thinking hard rock or heavy metal, almost,
but "Nautilus" was very different, not so driving, but more of a texture, an aquatic texture.
I was singing along by the first minute, and after a few more minutes I stopped,
thinking the music was taking me across the water, maybe coming up to a difficult passage,
and then there could have been a conflict, the playing very intense and fast, but still a soft texture.
I thought the music was coming up to the surface, maybe being washed up on the beach,
and then the music started to build again, but fade, thinking it was like a second wave washing you up higher.
Around six minutes, the guitarist starts chunking away with a nice rhythm, with the beat picking up.
This reminded me of Golden Earring, who did Radar Love.
Like the short clip, Radar Love is a driving, hard rock song, but the rest of their music is jazzy with hot flute playing.

If you don't mind me saying, sherpa, there is something your band is missing out on, the electronica DJ scene.
I recommend getting a Beowulf costume and mask for your 335 guitarist, and make him dance!