Happy New Year!!!

Frederik Magle

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Thank you all members of MIMF for the year that has now (almost) passed! I hope you'll have a great News Year's Eve tonight and wish that the new year 2012 will be a really good and happy one for you!! :)

I'm looking forward to see you again in the new year (and I do intend to be around here much more! ;))

All the best,

Corno Dolce

Admiral Honkenwheezenpooferspieler
Dear Sir Frederik,

I wish you and yours a most Blessed coming New Year that is filled with Grace, Mercy, Peace, and Love that passes all human understanding.

Respectfully yours,


Andrew Roussak

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Happy New Year guys to all of you wherever you are, hope you have all great parties and pools of Champagne are waiting. All the best in 2012, have a rockin' one!!

Cheers Andrew:)


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I wish my Best in 2012 for all my friends here. Take care and play /listen to your hearts content that comes form the "joy of music" to quote Ms. Bish.


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I wish you all a healthy, wealthy and happy New Year. Take care.

(as I'm typing this, I'm listening to the wonderful New Year's Concert with Vienna P h i l h a r m o n i k e r s led by Mariss Jansons)


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Thank you Frederik, a very happy new year to all who come here. May you all have the best of years with good health and happiness.


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Thank you Frederick and a Very happy New Year to you and all who enter here. May this be the best year ever for all of you.


Happy New Year! :trp:

I wish all of us here at MIMF and everyone in the world a wonderful 2012 filled with truth, freedom, prosperity and happiness.

I also wish for planet Earth all the attention, care and love that she needs, wants and deserves.



A very happy new year to you all. Now i am safely back from Wales and hopefully about to get my computer back I will start posting properly again


John Watt

New member
Izzat hybrid New Year's Eve sentiments?
I mean, it looks like a rainy fall day out there.
It doesn't feel like New Year's here when the canal has open water,
and birds that used to fly south didn't go anywhere.
It was like that January the 1st and it's like that now.
I don't have to be psychic to say even the Rideau Canal isn't frozen enough.
Talking to the office of The Chief Statistician of Canada confirmed that.
At least the hotel I used to play at is still going strong.

And in all sincerity,
May a broad-brick'd moon lick'd g'nicht, be at the end of your days.
ciao for now.

Corno Dolce

Admiral Honkenwheezenpooferspieler
About 1 to 2 weeks after New Year, Russians celebrate Старый Новый Год (Old New Year)