Has anyone Learnt to play their instrument solely from online sources?


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I was wandering if it was a good or bad idea to learn an instrument online? or is it crucial to have a
teacher so you don't pick up bad habits?


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also was wandering if you do learn from the internet what sources do you use? for example watching youtube videos or from certain websites?


A good teacher is invaluable, but not always available, or affordable. Internet tuition at least means that you can watch the techniques used as well as hering the instrument being played. Second best maybe, but it can be a good secound

Internet tuition would be better than none I guess but the answer for me would be no, I had a teacher thou they would not own up to it............


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Try and find an inter-active site/program which can be done with a cam/mic or software system... this way you have some correction/feedback for your work and progress. For good technique a teacher is almost a must for most people.Only ones I am aware of any good possible results would be vocal, guitar, keyboard. Good luck with your learning experience.


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Well, I learnt my Classical Guitar playing mainly through books coz I didn't have time to meet a teacher. I combined that with receiving tips from friends who were already good at it as well as watching some online videos.

If you want to learn online, I suggest you also get yourself a good method book (or a combination of books). For Classical Guitar, books by Charles Duncan, Shearer and Noad, just to mention a few, are good. A good method book will take you step by step and has a good number of exercises and pieces to help you develop technique and strength.

Also keep in mind that consistency in practicing and practicing correctly is super important. I recommend the little book, "Ricardo Iznaola on Practicing" by virtuoso guitarist Ricardo Iznaola. The practicing tips in the little book apply to all instruments. You can find the book on amazon.com.

Wishing you well.

Lovemore Nanjaya.:guitar:
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I learned to play the tin whistle from online sites, simply because nobody around here teaches tin whistle (apparently it's not a real instrument). I learned to play it well enough to get an invite to join the music academy's ensemble.

It looks like I will have to go the same rout with the panpipes.


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If possible, it is definitely recommended (but not mandatory) to have a qualified teacher, to help eliminate bad habits and who can monitor and evaluate your technique. But if you do not have the money, an interactive software/video program would be second best.

Good luck!